Order your CFPP tester now with free consumables set.

The Callisto 100  Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester is fully compliant with ASTM D6371, EN 116, EN 16329 and IP 309. Callisto 100 utilises new technology, allowing the use of methanol-free cooling.

Easy and intuitive operation, pre-programmed methods, outstanding temperature control, large colour touchscreen and contact free detection ensure the highest accuracy and repeatability.

A second filtration unit can be stored, ready for the next test within seconds. An automated cleaning routine can be initiated at the push of a button.

For all orders placed before the 31st December 2017, you will receive a free consumables package (comprising filter sieve, centering guide EN 116, o-ring for pipette (pack of 10), o-ring for filter sieve (pack of 10), measuring pipette, 20 mL, 2 x 250ml beaker, o-ring for measuring or calibration lid, silicone vacuum hose and standard CFPP test jar).


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