Oxidation stability in cosmetics and pharmacopeia guidelines: free webinars from Anton Paar

Anton Paar, world leaders in the measurement of density, concentration and in the field of Rheometry, are hosting a series of free webinars. Each one consisting of highly technical content compiled from their long lasting expertise within the scientific industry.
The two upcoming webinars in October focus on cosmetics and pharma applications, giving insight respectively into oxidation stability and the implications of the pharmacopeia guidelines for anyone dealing with R&D and quality control.
The webinars last 30 minutes each and are free to attend.

1) Oxidation stability measurement in cosmetics, 5th October, 11.00 – 11.30 am
How do you know which anti-oxidant is more effective for your product? How can you assess which concentration gives the required effect? This webinar answers these questions and discusses these and other potential applications for the Anton Paar Rapidoxy, a rapid and reliable instrument for oxidation stability testing, with test duration a fraction of other methods. Click here to register.

2) A practical response to Pharmacopeia guidelines, 10th October, 11.00 – 11.30 am
This webinar will benefit anyone involved in the making or testing of pharmaceutical products. Focusing on enantiomer purity, colloid stability, formulation consistency and infusion contamination, the webinar will provide an overview of Pharmacopeia guidelines and what this means in the real world of research, production and quality control. Click here to register.

Anton Paar offers a very wide selection of other webinars that you can find here: www.anton-paar.com/uk-en/services-support/webinars
Every year Anton Paar invests more than 20 percent of the annual turnover in the R&D department. This team develops new measuring principles and technologies which contribute in the long term to expanding their market leadership and to the progress made by their customers.

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