Standing up to Sedentary Learning

With an ever-increasing rise in childhood obesity, it’s time to take a stand and schools are the starting point

London Wednesday 20th September 2017

Smarter, fitter, happier is what lies at the core of Future Learning.

Taking key objectives from the curriculum along with a high intensity classroom based workout, Future Learning have brought these together to create a world where children get to learn and exercise at the same time!

Each video shall cover multiple areas of the National Curriculum in 8 minutes. It’s classroom based so no disruption to lesson flow and directly contributes to hitting Government obesity targets. The children will love the engaging characters and visuals, along with a welcome break from sedentary learning which is replaced with a new and exciting method. Attainment will benefit too as exercise optimizes the pupil’s mindset by improving alertness, attention and motivation, whilst increased exercise enhances the brain’s capacity for memory and learning.

Find an example of this on our website:

Company Director Adam Packer (previously a primary school teacher for over ten years) said:

“I believe that the classroom is a great venue [environment] to help combat the rise in childhood obesity. Here at Future Learning we have developed a fun and engaging set of interactive videos that will not only get children moving but will enrich their understanding of fitness and what it means to be fit. The demands of teachers is ever increasing so to help, the videos also cover key areas of the National Curriculum so those precious moments in the school day are used to their fullest.”

The problem of childhood obesity is not going away so it is time to make a change and stand up to sedentary learning.

This is the answer! We are here. We are Future Learning.

Notes for editor:

Here is a direct link to our website which is open for registration and will be launched on the 9th October 2017: 

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