Husband and Wife team launch Wellnostics to empower the world to become more Healthsmart

Healthcare Technology start-up Wellnostics has launched with a huge mission to assist the NHS and other Healthcare Systems in making people more educated and more ‘Healthsmart’. Wellnostics wants to take the pressure off NHS Diagnostic Services and place the power of being ‘Healthsmart’ into the general public.

Hugh Sheridan, CEO of Wellnostics explains “Being Healthsmart is our very own philosophy and it’s all about understanding your own personal Health data – I know my height but my weight varies and I have no idea whether my Vitamin D levels are correct or whether I have a high chance of becoming Diabetic. I am positive I have a food intolerance but no idea which food it would be. I’m guessing my heart is healthy but I do have a history in my family of heart attacks”

Sheridan continues “This is the point of being Healthsmart. If you can manage your own health and record the results on your own phone the vision is that your GP will have the ability to then tap into these vitals and will be able to spot early warning signs. It allows the patient to take control of their own health, prevent things happening rather than fixing the problem – this frees up any health system to focus on those most in need.”

The biggest global public health problem in the next 50 to 100 years will be Lifestyle illnesses which can be managed – Diabetes and Heart Disease will dominate and the technology exists today for them to be easily managed at home. Wellnostics mission is to make this technology as affordable, easy to use and widely available as possible just as Video GP services, Health Insurers discounts and Packed GP waiting rooms become more common.”

Wellnostics launched over the summer and has quickly built up a strong following of Diabetics purchasing Glucose Monitors and Test Strips, Healthsmart people buying the latest Smartphone connected Blood Pressure Monitors and Food Intolerance and Allergy Kits which can test for over 100 foods and allergies from Grass Pollen to Cat Hair.

Gemma Sheridan says “It is time to encourage children, parents, grandparents and companies to take control of their health, through the use of constantly developing personal smart diagnostic technology.”

About Wellnostics
Wellnostics was founded in Liverpool in 2017 by married couple Hugh and Gemma Sheridan who believe strongly that patients have a right and a responsibility to take control of their own health and that by doing so will lead to better outcomes for all.

Hugh Sheridan has grown various businesses but it was his last project where he spent 15 years in the Foot Health Industry where he saw better patient outcomes come from allowing the latest diagnostics and assessment technology to be shared by the clinician to their patient. Allowing the patient to be involved in understanding their condition and, in turn, managing their condition over the long term led to better patient compliance and better patient outcomes.

Gemma Sheridan is a brand Strategist who has worked for 3 of the Largest Advertising Agencies in the world in UK and Dubai working on projects for the world’s largest Financial, Healthcare, Automotive and Furniture Brands. Wellnostics –

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