5 Possible Back Problem Solutions

Medical science has advanced in the past couple of centuries. We no longer use phrenology or leeches, and we can do things like heart transplants, chemotherapy, and artificial limb replacement. Doctors and medical researchers come up with new treatments every day.

Still, despite all that advancement, the back is one body part that baffles many doctors. Many people have back problems, and medical professionals don’t always know how to treat them. Of course, the treatment depends on what exactly is happening with your spine and how bad the damage is.

In this article, we’ll review five potential back problem treatments.

Back Surgery

Doctors don’t always recommend back surgery. They often take great pains to avoid it. That is because:

  • Any surgery can go wrong
  • Back surgery that goes wrong can lead to paralysis or further pain

Any doctor tries to “first, do no harm,” as they say when taking the Hypocritic Oath. They know that a botched back surgery can leave the individual in worse shape than they were in before.

Still, there are some back conditions where surgery is the best option. If you have a pinched nerve, then probably a doctor will recommend surgery. If you have numbness going down both arms or legs, or other significant neurological problems, you may have little choice.


There are also Ayurvedic solutions that you can try with minor back issues. Acupuncture is a prime example. Acupuncture:

  • Has existed for thousands of years
  • Has worked to cure or reduce pain in many instances

You can often find an acupuncture practitioner regardless of where you live unless it is an extremely rural area. You can find one in any large city with no problems.

Acupuncture involves the specialist sticking long, thin needles into specific body parts. You tell them where the pain is, and they determine where to put the needles based on a chart identifying the body’s energy currents.

It doesn’t work for every individual, but it does work for many people with less devastating back problems.


You can also get yourself a back massage if you have persistent pain. Massage often feels good. It relieves the pain, and you can listen to some relaxing music and feel less stress as you do it.

There are a couple of issues with massage, though. The first is that it’s expensive. It’s not uncommon for a massage therapist to charge $50-$100 for an hour, and most people can’t afford to do that often.

The other potential problem is that, while massage feels great while it’s happening, if you have chronic back pain, it will probably return before very long. If you irritated a muscle, then one session might fix it.

If you have chronic back pain for years, then the day after you get the massage, you’ll probably be right back where you started.

Arnica Oil or Cream

There are also topical creams and oils that you can rub on your back, or have someone else do it if you can’t reach the injured area. Arnica Montana oil or cream is a top seller.

This is an herb with healing properties. You can go online and find several versions of it available, or you can distill it and create the oil or a balm yourself. DIY people often do this.

It feels very nice when you apply Arnica oil to your back. Like getting a massage, though, the effects don’t usually last for very long.


Many chiropractors and doctors also recommend yoga for back pain. It’s true that for some back-pain varieties, people do find it useful.

Much like acupuncture, yoga is now so widespread that you can find a studio almost anywhere. You can certainly find one with no problems if you live in virtually any major metropolis.

Before you take any classes, you should talk to the instructor about your physical condition. Tell them all about your back problems, like where the pain is and how long you’ve had it.

They will tell you whether they think that yoga can help you. They’ll probably recommend that you take the most basic introductory class first, so you don’t injure yourself any worse.

Some people with chronic back pain try several of these options before finding one that works for them. Others do not one of these things, but several of them. It just goes to show you how tricky the back is to fix, and how easy it is to get something in it out of alignment.

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