How & Where To Park Your Tricycle

Perhaps it is time you returned to your roots as a bike rider. Tricycles for adults offer an entire world of practical advantages for certain riders. Best of all, a sporty new tricycle keeps you in the game and gives you the mobility to get around to your favorite places. When it comes to parking your bike, you will find that you even have more choices than parking a regular bike. While your trike won’t fit in a traditional bike rack, the stability of three wheels allows you to park in other areas close to your favorite store or destination. Just look for a place that is out of the way of foot and vehicle traffic and that is flat. It’s always nice to find a bit of shade, especially on warm days. As with other bikes, it’s always a good idea to lock your bike when you are away for more than a minute or two. With a little experience, in no time you will develop an eye for finding great places to park your trike, whether it is at the beach, a store or your friend’s house.

The Many Advantages of an Adult Tricycle

While you probably won’t be setting many speed records on your trike, this form of transportation offers a long list of benefits. Here are some of the primary advantages that come with a quality tricycle:

  • Superb balance while riding
  • Excellent easy on and off with step-through seating
  • Supreme comfort
  • Added space for carrying handy items
  • Plentiful customization options

You can even find electrical tricycles for sale. This option gives you a boost of power from an electrical motor should you need a little help getting home or climbing a challenging hill. Depending on which type of motor you choose, you will be able to reach speeds of up to nearly 30 miles an hour.  Each charge will be good for between 20 to 40 miles, depending on several factors, and an LCD display will alert you to how much power you have left. Most riders find the extra stability of a tricycle makes the use of a motor feel natural and safe.

The Many Uses of an Adult Tricycle

With an adult tricycle that fits your lifestyle, you will soon discover many creative uses for your new bike. You can find a delivery trike for sale that gives you the capability of delivering items to friends and family. A large basket fits between the two rear wheels. You can pick up a few items at the store an drop it off for a friend. Helping others is a great way to use the powers of your bike for good deeds. You can also carry enough supplies to bring food to the park for a picnic or to bring a towel and sunscreen to the closest beach. Just remember while you are on the road to allow a little extra room for the added width of your trike.

Shop online to find an adult tricycle that meets all of your needs. Choose a model that will keep you riding for years to come.

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