Hana Group Sets New UK Trend and Wins Gold

Sushi Gourmet, run by Hana Group, has won the Food to Go category in the 2017 Quality Food Awards.


Sushi Gourmet was also awarded the much coveted title of Overall Gold Winner of the entire competition after being singly picked out for its quality.


Judges said, “Sushi has been available as food to go in supermarkets for several years, but this new trend is for counters where sushi is prepared fresh daily. This makes for a premium high-quality product that really delivers on customers’ expectation for food-to-go to start matching quality of restaurants.” The judges were blown away by the fresh, delicate flavours in this sushi selection, and the profuse praise included notes of “very high quality”, with “fabulous flavours, textures, and visual impact”.

Daily onsite preparation of sushi in a retail setting adds theatre for the consumer and enhances the story of quality food freshly made.  First to market Hana Group is the only group provider that does not use machines and prepares sushi in front of customers by hand ensuring a better quality product than those made by industrial robots. Hana Group has created over 200 jobs in the last year providing new roles, exceptional training and great career paths with equally ambitious job creation opportunities in UK in year ahead.

A member of Hana Group, Sushi Gourmet’s innovative sushi kiosks are located within large retail outlets and supermarkets, and house skilled sushi chefs. The chefs create a wide selection of beautiful sushi and teppanyaki with a theatre like effect for customers.
Hana Group, the leading sushi and Asian hot food service provider, will have opened its 50th sushi kiosk in the UK by December 2017 with plans for more rapid expansion throughout the country, and the aim to transform the buying and sampling experience in UK.

Jason Danciger, Managing Director of Hana Group UK, has quadrupled the group’s size in the last year after starting just 18 months ago. Speaking proudly of the group, Jason noted, “We are delighted to be bringing the theatre of Japanese cuisine to UK food halls with Sushi Gourmet and other brands. Our advantage is that we offer sensational, fresh sushi and hot Japanese dishes of outstanding quality and price. We work with skilled craftspeople with extensive training in order to ensure a constant level of excellence and expertise.”

Owned and managed by the Hana Group, Sushi Gourmet was first launched in France in September 2012 by Jacques Attal, an entrepreneur who spotted a niche in the market for freshly made sushi. His business model grew quickly and today the group is operating in over 600 outlets across several countries in Europe and North America and work with retailers including Leclerc, Auchan, Alcampo, Monoprix, Delhaize, and Jumbo.
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About Hana Group
Hana Group is an operator of in-store Asian cuisine counters and food hall eateries, where the company’s skilled chefs prepare fresh and ready-to-go meals in front of the customers.

Established in 2012 under the Sushi Gourmet brand, Hana Group offers a broad range of Asian food products prepared fresh and live by trained chefs. Post-acquisition of Peace Dining Corporation in June 2016, Hana group now operates five brands including Genji, Genji Ramen, Wok Kitchen, Mai, and Sushi Gourmet.

Hana Group’s strong investment in R&D has allowed the company to develop specific preparation techniques and a unique level of expertise. After just over three years of existence, Hana Group now operates over 600 outlets globally and employs over 4,000 employees.

Hana Group in UK operates Sushi Gourmet in conjunction with Sainsbury’s. Genji is operated in partnership with Whole Foods, in addition to the eateries Sushi & Robata and Wok Kitchen. The Mai concept works in partnership with Goldman Sachs and other banks in City with Baxterstorey.

Hana Group in UK has its own University of Sushi in Leadenhall Market. By December, the group will have 50 sites employing around 350 people with over 200 new jobs created over last year. The group is expected to double in 2018, and will be offering great career opportunities.

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