Beldon Haigh New Single Lose Your Soul

Fresh from his success with Fools Rules, Beldon Haigh unleashes another satirical rocket aimed squarely at Trump, Kim Jong-Un and the elite forces which control the information we receive by traditional and more modern means.

Despite its dark title and references to nuclear genocide and bunkers for billionaires, this is an upbeat call to action against the fear tactics deployed by both Trump and Kim Jong-Un which Beldon believes are more akin to the posturing amateur dramatics of WWF wrestlers; designed to distract the populace with fear and anxiety.

Lose Your Soul is a well-crafted pop song with punky, half sung, half spoken-word verses which lead beautifully into a soaring chorus. There is a cool bass line, great crashing guitars, a crazy middle eight and even a bluesy sax solo to finish with, making this three and half minute pop song a real treat for the ears.

For the eyes there is yet another anarchic video with Trump on bass, Kim Jong-un on guitar and Putin on drums, filmed in one of Edinburgh’s coolest live venues, Cabaret Voltaire. In the video the MOAB (Mother Of All Bands) are glammed up and tight-trousered and are mesmerising to watch.

Lose Your Soul is on Covfefe Records and distributed in all the usual outlets by Nova Universal.

For more information contact
Justin Skelton, Belden Haigh Ltd
Falkirk, Scotland

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