First Electric Vehicle Charging Platform Built on Ethereum Blockchain: ICO Ending Date 12/31/2017

Tech Start-Up Charg Coin brings Ethereum Blockchain Technology to a Predicted 11.6 Trillion Dollar Industry. The Charg App Connects Electric Vehicle (EV) Drivers with Charging Station Owners to Create a Secure Marketplace for Anyone to Sell Electricity. The Platform ICO Ends Dec. 31, 2017.

Charg Coin is the first to address the issue of finding a charging station and creating a secure marketplace for the sale of electricity to electric vehicles being created by Tesla, BMW, Nissan, Ford, Kia, GM and other major vehicle producers.Charg is already fulfilling their platform’s intentions by releasing MVPs for the Charg station finding app, station node. and affiliate bounty program dashboard. The ICO began on Nov 16, has currently raised $100,000+ and runs until Dec 31, 2017. electric vehicle sales showing exponential growth trends already surpassing 1 million in 2017, the demand for charging station will increase dramatically. In addition, CNN Money stated that India, Great Britain, France, Norway, China and at least 10 other countries have sales targets for electric vehicles. aims to alleviate the rising demand for EV charging by providing people a way to monetize their charging stations. Pre-existing stations such as JuiceBox, AmazingE, Bosche, and many more will be easily adaptable with a smart plug or outlet. If a property owner doesn’t already have an established station, Charg will distribute a kit to build one.

Charg’s blockchain technology allows easy energy distribution using Ethereum smart contracts. It offers anyone in the world the ability to lease their power and provides a low cost of entry. People will find that making money from their home is incredibly easy with the Charg platform.

In addition to creating more EV charging spots, the Charg app accesses a database of all pre-existing charging locations in the world and allows the driver to find a station within easy reach. If there are no commercial stations around, it is likely drivers will find a monetized Charg station and be able to pay instantly via their phone.

Working with a team of advisors Josef Kulovany, CEO and 13-year tech industry veteran, planned a smaller soft cap, a calculated release of coins and incredible coin utility to create sustained growth once Charg Coin hits exchanges.

Interested parties have the limited opportunity to purchase tokens at through Dec 31, 2017. Following the ICO, Charg Coin will be listed and tradeable through the major cryptocurrency exchanges. They can also use Charg Coin to pay for EV charging or hold onto Charg Coin long term and watch the value grow as Charg Coin reshapes the transitioning 11.6 trillion dollar fuel industry.
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