Beso Beso: Designing jewelry that frees your spirit!

Known to be the brain behind some of the most of the successful start-ups in the United States of America today, Christian Young or Chris Young, as he is more popularly known as, is the perfect combination of perfect legal knowledge and business acumen. One of the leading start-ups in the illustrious career of Christian Young is of course Beso Beso, which is even today one of the premier jewelry organizations in the United States of America.

The journey of Beso Beso started in the year 2011, when Christian teamed up with the beautiful fashion designer and aspiring model Jacqueline Brown to establish a jewelry designing firm that would combine value with chic bohemian style at a value that is sure to please. With his clear business mind and a brilliant sense of style, free spirit would definitely be the main motto of the company.

The organization benefitted largely from the wide publicity and style brought in by the supremely talented Jacqueline Brown, who worked in tandem with Chris to create a brand that is even today one of the most widely recognized brands all over the country. The brand simplified fashion and built in a sense of ‘freeness’ of spirit and a kind of openness that brought about a landmark change in the fashion scene of both, the stars as well as the women of the land.

Names of stars such as Taylor Swift, Tiffany Thornton, Amber Stevens, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez did the rounds in building up the super celebrated clientele of the brand. Thanks to the immense marketing tricks that Christian Young and Jacqueline Brown brought to the firm, the designs of the range of Beso Beso were soon sold to more than 150 stores all around the USA.

This allowed the designs, which ranged from bracelets, earrings as well as necklaces and pendants for a varied range of occasions to be sold all across American cities and helped popularize the range.

This popularity was instrumental in the brand being sold to the FD9 Group soon, after a span of just one year. The distribution network of the brand was acquired for $500,000, thanks to the brand’s revenue of $1MM.

The transaction showed once more the brilliance of the influence of Chris and his wonderful business sense, which not only helped spread the brand all over the USA but also helped in generating a revenue that built a winner!

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