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Within just 1 year, we at Zoobio have grown 3 times in all major areas.

Zoobio was founded in 2016.

Within this debut year, our pet supply e-shop has expanded the product range, increased the geography of its presence, and cut shipping times.

Our website currently has about 50 000 items for 20 different pets available, and we accept orders from 15 European countries.

A year in numbers and facts

So far in 2017, Zoobio GmbH has tripled the number of its suppliers leading to a 73% increase in product range. There are currently about 50.000 items by 347 popular brands available in our online store.

In 2016, our shop was present in 3 countries. That number has now grown to 15 to include Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Portugal.

As for delivery, we are now shipping to 30 countries worldwide. That’s 6 times more than last year! With DHL as our transportation partner, and all work processes at our warehouse facilities highly automatised, we can deliver your orders within the shortest time possible.

Our catalogue has been updated and improved, now featuring 250 product categories. A year ago, that number was 1,5 times smaller! The catalogue features a convenient filtering system helping you to search not only by pet species and product manufacturer, but also taking into account all sorts of possible special needs – such as gluten intolerance, diabetes, or high-level physical activity.

At Zoobio online store, we’re big on health and diet for pets with special needs. Our product categories include post-op and heat nappies for female dogs, belly bands for male dogs with urinary tract issues, protective collars and recovery vests, vitamins for birds, respiratory and digestive supplements for horses, supplements and ointments for fighting parasites and healing wounds in reptiles.
Company Background

Zoobio GmbH specialises in pet supplies. Founding year: 2016. The company’s main project is online shop Zoobio.de, selling about 50.000 products for pets in 15 European countries. The company team currently includes over 150 highly qualified employees.


E-Mail: info@zoobio.de

Web: https://www.zoo-bio.co.uk/

Tel.: +44 20 3856 3856




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