All About CBD and Dosage Chart for Pets

CBD is trending nowadays and because of good reasons. It can be used to treat seizures and anxieties in animals. Most pet owners find solace in the fact that their dogs and cats will not have to suffer from different arthritis or cancer symptoms. You can know more about relieving your pet’s arthritis in this link here.

The oil is regulated and legal in many countries in the world. The Veterinary Medicines Doctor in the United Kingdom even stated that cannabidiol products are often used for medicinal purposes. As a result, they should be regulated as medicines and helpful supplements. In the US, the Farmer’s Bill was approved, and harvesting hemp plants became legal.

Now that you know that you can legally get CBD oil, the next thing that you need to do is to understand what it is and the dosage that you need to give to your pets.

All About CBD

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is an extract derived from the cannabis plant. The extracts do not contain tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, and it is not psychoactive. The effects of cannabinoids on the animal’s body do not impact your pets’ brains and other cognitive abilities. This means that your furry friends can get relief from back pain or anxiety without getting stoned.

The effects of CBD help an animal to relax and be free from stress. For those furry friends that bark their heads off during fireworks and other festivities, the oil with cannabinoids can help calm them. They can sleep better even if it is loud outside, and they will be calmer.

Dosing and Administering Cannabidiol

It can be challenging for pet parents to know the right dose that they should give to their furry friends. This is because there are no exact figures, yet when it comes to dosage. The good news is that there is a dosage chart that you can view on sites like to help you determine the right amount. Know that when giving oil or treats, you need to consider your pet’s size and weight.

THC and CBD: Why Your Pet Won’t Get High

The THC and CBD molecular structure consist of 30 hydrogen atoms, 21 carbon, and two oxygen. However, their arrangement will make a difference in how both compounds affect their users’ brains. CBD can be extracted from two plant species that are hemp and marijuana. With hemp, the oil extracts only contain 0.3% of THC, and other companies even make sure that THC is taken out of the mix.

Because most CBD products contain little to no THC, the users will not get high. They can get the benefits without the side effects. CBD is not addicting, and your pet will not become dependent on the supplements in any way.

Why It Will Work For Your Furry Friend

Both humans and animals have an endocannabinoid system that developed about 500 million years ago. Recent discoveries in the system showed that the ECS control functions of the immune cells, fat tissues, skin, heart, liver, stomach, and the central nervous system.

The ECS signals the molecules to behave in a specific way. The system is always creating a kind of homeostasis in the body that includes a broad range of processes that include mood, metabolism, pain, appetite, memory, sleep, stress, and more.

When the ECS gets dysfunctional because of a disease, the body will trigger a whole new spectrum of other processes that relate to the disorder. This is why many cats and dogs that have cancer may also experience inflammation, nausea, stress, and anxiety.

THC and cannabidiol have the same structure of chemicals similar to the ECS. You can read more about the ECS here: This allows them to interact and attach themselves to cell receptors. The body produces its endocannabinoids in animals that are a form of fat-like molecules.

The cannabinoids in the oil will interact with ECS receptors and activate these. The activated cannabinoids will maintain balance in the body and will prevent the progression of a disease. Other products are specifically designed to stop migraines, fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel syndrome.

The phytocannabinoids found in hemp will restore homeostasis. They contain a lot of chemicals that can affect the body on a molecular level positively. As a result, your cats and dogs can live a healthier and longer life that they deserve.