Owners admit they can’t stay mad at their mischievous cats

Climbing up curtains, pinching dinner off the side and knocking over ornaments are just some of the ways Britain’s cats are running rings round their owners.

A poll of 2,000 cat owners found they typically have to stop their pets getting up to no good a whopping 1,350 times a year.

Other cheeky acts include jumping on kitchen counters, hiding from their owners, raiding the cat food supplies and sleeping in their owner’s bed, despite it being a ‘feline free zone’.

One curious cat even developed a penchant for drinking the water out of grandma’s false teeth mug.

Commissioned by the UK’s number one pet food brand, Felix, the research found one third have resorted to ‘cat proofing’ their homes by buying furniture covers, putting locks on cupboard doors and more.

Despite this, four in 10 cat owners love their pets even MORE because of their hilarious antics.

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In fact, a whopping 91 per cent find it impossible to be cross with their feline friends when they do something they shouldn’t.

Toby Chelton, spokesman for Felix, said: “As the findings show, cats are inherently mischievous and get up to all sorts of antics.

“You can never be entirely sure what they’ll do next, but for many owners, this is what brings a smile to our faces and makes having a cat such a delight.

“To celebrate the nation’s mischievous mogs, Felix is bringing light-hearted fun and entertainment to Birmingham’s Bullring at the start of June.”

The research also found two thirds have come to accept telling their cat off for being naughty won’t make the slightest difference to its behaviour.

Amid this, 80 per cent consider their cats to be mischievous, with more owners from the south west calling their pet playful than any other region in the UK.

And those based in the West Midlands have to stop their felines getting up to mischief nearly five times a day on average – the highest rate in Britain.

Seventy-two per cent admit their cat has a habit of poking its nose into places it doesn’t belong – with the washing machine and the bath being prime examples among those polled.

But despite this, nine in 10 said their lovable fur balls have made them laugh out loud.

Carried out through OnePoll.com, the research also found 57 per cent of cat owners think their feline friends tend to be naughtier as dinner time draws nearer.

And almost half said their cats are such avid foodies they’ll help themselves to their owner’s dinner when they’re not looking.

More than three quarters of owners said their pet has a tendency to wake up early and immediately demand food.

But cats in the capital emerged as the most demanding, with a higher proportion of those from London claiming their cat wakes up early wanting to be fed.

On average the nation’s cats wake up at 6.32 in the morning, however mogs in East Anglia are the earliest risers, getting up at 6.12am on average.

Do you own a mischievous moggie? Take the quiz here [https://www.swnsdigital.com/mischievous-moggies-quiz/]

Felix is using the latest augmented reality technology to bring fun and entertainment to the Bullring in Birmingham on Saturday 2nd June 2018.


1. Clawed the furniture
2. Had a “funny five minutes” where they ran around as if possessed
3. Jumped on kitchen counters when they weren’t meant to
4. Brought a mouse (dead or alive) back into the house
5. Nibbled at food meant for their owner
6. Knocked over ornaments/pictures in the house
7. Got out of the front door when they’re meant to stay inside
8. Clawed a piece of clothing
9. Hidden so their owner thought they’d gone missing
10. Gone to the loo somewhere other than outside or in their litter tray
11. Climbed the curtains
12. Slept on the bed when they weren’t meant to
13. Got up on shelves they shouldn’t have
14. Got into their food bag/box and eaten half of it
15. Got themselves stuck in a drawer or similar
16. Climbed up their owner’s legs or back when they weren’t expecting it, causing shrieks of pain
17. Destroyed one of their toys
18. Chewed thehouse plants to death
19. Hidden all their toys under the sofa
20. Climbed inside the washing machine


1. Domestic Shorthair/Longhair (Moggy) – black or black & white
2. Domestic Shorthair/Longhair (Moggy) – other
3. Bengal
4. Siamese
5. British Shorthair (Pedigree) – black or black & white
6. Burmese
7. Japanese Bobtail
8. Maine Coon
9. Devon Rex
10. British Shorthair (Pedigree) – other


1. South West
2. Wales
3. North East
4. East Anglia
5. Scotland
6. East Midlands
7. Yorkshire and the Humber
8. Northern Ireland
9. North West
10. South East
11. West Midlands
12. London

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