Comedian Jo Duncan launches latest book, ‘Lean Content Marketing’

Lean Content, published in January 2018 by Amazon KDP, is based on comedian and copywriter Jo Duncan’s experiences in marketing. It offers a new way to structure digital marketing activities for business, and a simple, actionable philosophy: marketers should invest more time but produce less content, seeking value over volume.


Today’s consumers simply don’t absorb the vast quantities of content businesses produce. ‘Lean Content Marketing’ showcases a new approach to the world of content, focusing on a less-is-more approach. Content marketing is a huge growth industry. But many commentators believe we have reached the point of ‘content shock.’

To coincide with the book publication, Jo founded a digital marketing agency with a difference. Lean Content, the agency, harnesses the talents of stand-up comedians to bring fresh, exciting copywriting and a new way of thinking. Previously a comedian herself, Jo believes comedians bring something new to the table. ‘Comics have to be fearless in front of audiences and get laughs throughout their sets. They bring a wonderful understanding of the power of language, but also a respect for the importance of the customer. That’s why I’ve chosen to bring together comedians and digital marketing.’

Jo worked as a copywriter and content manager before she wrote Lean Content. ‘I noticed that clients would either feel overwhelmed by the pressure to constantly publish content on every possible channel, or simply want volume over quality. This opposed what I’d learned about marketing, which said that segmentation, targeting and positioning were paramount to everything we publish,’ says Jo.

Lean Content offers businesses of all sizes a new approach. With a clearly divided system, it takes the reader through a series of steps to take charge of their digital activities. These include:

· Finding your audience, and focusing on your most lucrative growth segment
· Choosing the right channel based on your product or service
· Discovering the best message for business, based on where and at whom you decide to target your budget

You can download a copy of the book from Amazon, find it via:



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