British singles be warned – these are most disliked traits and habits

The Irish accent has officially been voted the sexiest on the British Isles, according to a new poll.

While Liverpudlians, Brummies and Glaswegians may find themselves unlucky in love thanks to their regional dialect, people hailing from Ireland were officially named the most desirable thanks to their soft and charming twang.

A staggering two thirds of people polled said they can’t cope with annoying voices, with a quarter of the British singles surveyed saying they had even split up with a partner over having a physical trait or habit that they didn’t like.

Terrible teeth topped the list of undesirables when it comes to picking the perfect partner, closely followed by people who talk with their mouth full or chew with their chops open.

Smoking also came out as a major bugbear, with over half of women and men saying they wouldn’t court someone with the habit.

Paul Hunt, managing director of V2Cigs UK [], said: “It seems the British public are quite choosey about who they go out with but remember it’s not all about looks and habits!

“That said, it’s not surprising to see that nearly a third of people have tried to get their partner to quit smoking.

“With thousands of harmful toxins going into your body, it’s guaranteed that they aren’t doing a great deal for your teeth – or your dating profile!”

Over half of smokers said they’d be willing to ditch the cigs if a date was on the cards.

And when things get serious, nearly a third of respondents said they have tried to get their partner to quit smoking, going to great lengths including asking their partner outright to stop, dropping subtle hints and hiding or disposing of offending items.

Those quizzed also took it upon themselves to restyle their partner’s dress sense while a quarter pushed their other half to lose weight.

Picky singletons have more no-gos on their lists, with almost half unlikely to ever see someone who is overweight, has facial piercings or over-plucked eyebrows.

And there’s a few things making those looking for love, swipe left when using dating app, Tinder.

Gym selfies, drunken photos, having only one photo and including photos of children are popular reasons to discard a date.

But interestingly, having no clear profile shots of the user’s face is more likely to put people off than those with no photo at all.

Most disliked traits and habits

Bad teeth 75%

Annoying voice 69%

Talking with their mouth full 65%

Chewing with their mouth open 65%

Annoying accent 57%

Smoking 55%

Facial piercings 51%

Being overweight 50%

Over plucked eyebrows 49%

Balding or thin hair 45%


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