UK Prime Minister visits Indian restaurant

Bombay Central was honoured and humbled to welcome the UK Prime Minister, The Rt Hon

Theresa May MP and other distinguished politicians and councillors to Bombay Central on
Saturday 10th March. The visit marked the start of a day of activity in Harrow.

Bombay Central is designed to appeal to both locals and travellers passing through, serving
good Indian food and offering a great experience to ensure everyone a happy journey. It is open
to all and this particular visitor humbled the team.

Our identity and experience reflect the hustle, bustle and quirkiness of the people coming and
going at all times at a train station in India. It adopts the attitude, colours, materials and imagery,
introducing them into a social café by day and restaurant and lounge bar experience at night.

The Prime Minister and the team were hosted at a private event with our range of Indian street
food snacks and hot masala chai.

The owner, Rishi Lakhani takes special care to try and make each visit a happy journey. He said
of this particular visit: “We have worked hard to regenerate a local establishment and make it open to all to enjoy and
experience the food, drink and most of all the company of the local community that come here
to enjoy themselves. For this to be recognised by a visit from the Prime Minister is an honour
and we continue to welcome everybody to have a happy journey with us.”

You can visit Bombay Central at 328 High Road, Harrow Weald, HA3 6HS or or call Rishi on (+44) 7956 589899
Happy Journey!