Entrepreneur, Accountant, Hairdresser, Make-up and Hair Extensions Specialist

lee manciniLeo Mancini is a highly experienced celebrity hair stylist and make-up professional with over 25 years of experience. Leo has trained others in the art of hair extensions and image creation. Leo is also fully qualified, trained and teaches others in Hair Extensions System.

Now Leo is moving up a level!  Leo Mancini and her team have created a new hair salon system where they will supply a combination of hair, nails, beauty treatments and a coffee shop under one roof –  which will save between 40-60% of customer’s time and money by bringing these separate elements together.

Leo says “The future is starting today, we have a new technology which can predict a customer’s look before their style is actually changed! This is a new concept which will help clients with their expectations and help in their decision-making process when they are looking for a dramatic change of style.  Also, we have all the main beauty treatments taking place at the same time, under the one roof, which makes the best use of time for busy people.  These new services are the way forward but can’t be replaced by “robots” in the future!”

We are looking for investors to help realise our vision.  If this is something you feel you could be a part of please click on the link below or simply send a enquiry to leomancinishop@gmail.com , or call Leo direct on: 0784 1426711.

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