Shock: The man who is designing at a faster rate than big tech companies

Michael Ross Catania
Michael Ross Catania

With an impressive green energy portfolio, Michael Ross Catania is set to become the next big name, by developing successful design patents. These industrial designs are mainly in green energy and consumer electronics.

Big tech names like, Samsung, Apple and Nike, often file such industrial design patents. The problem is though, the technology industry generally moves far slower. Why? Some contributing factors include, a combination of complicated bureaucracy, lack of free thought and imagination, along with the refusal to take risks.

With all this in mind, Michael setup LSC International Trading LLC in 2017, operating from New Jersey, USA . They currently have 230 industrial design registered, with a goal of over 3,000 within the next few years. This would exceed most large tech companies, growth wise. In addition, figures from a WIPO 2017 report suggest that LSC International Trading LLC in 2017 is projected to be ranked 7th in the world in Industrial Design IP volume, with 230 industrial designs, ranking above Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

They also are set to surpass Samsung’s design volume by the end of the year.

These designs are a form of intellectual property, also referred to as “design patents”. Many of these are solar panel and smartphone innovations. Michael feels without all the red tape involved, he can compete and produce these much faster than the large tech giants.

With a glowing background, Michael Ross Catania has a MBA/Bachelors in Finance. Graduating Top 1% of Class twice, an undergraduate degree and MBA. Accepted to 2 Ivy League Schools. He is Currently attending Harvard University,part time, for a 2nd Masters.

Michael’s creative side shows from his teenage years of writing and producing music.

Currently, with over 200 songs in the EDM genre written, plus writing and producing a 4 hour Scifi musical play, “Charlie Cooper: Kepler’s Vengeance “.

More recently, Michael is in talks with a big tech company, regarding a contract to design exclusively for them.


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