Which Subwoofer is Best for Your Car?

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Picking out your subwoofers can be the most exciting part of building your car sound system. It is often the reason why people are building it in the first place. The sound systems that come with factory cars are typically lacking in the sub-department. The subs are an important part of your music and it really is no fun without. We are going to help you pick out the right subwoofer for your car that will allow you to listen to the deep, knocking low ends in no time.

Do you want a subwoofer that saves space?

This is an important factor because the type of subwoofers you get really is limited to what you can fit in your vehicle. The good news is that this is not much of a limit at all anymore because powerful subwoofers come in small packages now. If you are really concerned about saving space, then you may want to consider getting a powered sub. The powered sub has a built in amp, but it does come at the cost of having less power.

Sound sensitivity of your subwoofers

There are all types of complicated ways to explain sound sensitivity, but there is one basic thing to know about this. The sound sensitivity of your speakers or subwoofers determines how loud it will play at a particular wattage. A speaker with a higher sound sensitivity will take less wattage to play loud music than a speaker that has a lower sound sensitivity. You will need to turn the volume knob up more on a speaker with lower sound sensitivity. If you want a booming system, you may want to get some subwoofers with a higher sound sensitivity.

Frequency range of your subwoofers

The frequency range of your subwoofers will determine how low your sub frequencies will be able to go. The box that your sub is mounted in will play a factor as well, but your frequency range will determine what your subwoofer is capable of when it comes to getting those low frequencies. That is the reason you are getting subwoofers, so the frequency range is a very important stat for you to measure.

Power of your subwoofers

The power of your subs will determine their maximum potential when it comes to volume. There is no replacement for having a lot of power. It can often be better to get subwoofers that are capable of using more power than less because you will have the option of controlling how loud they get. This is the most important tip for getting powerful subs.

Look at reviews

Looking at subwoofer reviews is a good idea when buying subwoofers, but subwoofers can be a big investment and you will be driving with them every day, so you need to make sure that you get the proper subwoofers. It is one thing to read the labeling on the box or to read the product description, but another thing to see what people actually experience.