The Best-Selling Vehicles in the UK

It is always interesting to see what the best selling vehicles are in the UK as sometimes you will notice trends emerging whilst often you will see the same automobiles holding down their spots. Now is an interesting time in the UK automotive market with more and more motorists switching to eco-friendly vehicles ahead of the Government’s proposed 2040 ban on petrol and diesel. So, which cars are currently selling well?

Ford Fiesta

Unsurprisingly, the Ford Fiesta retains its spot in March 2018 and it has been a UK favourite for 40 years. Now on its 8th generation, the Fiesta is surprisingly spacious with a fun driving experience along with low running costs.


Vehicles do not come more iconic than the MINI so it is no surprise that it is a permeant fixture in the best-selling vehicles list. Small, practical, characterful and with superb handling, the MINI is a smart purchase for many types of motorist and can be found for affordable prices when you shop in the used car market from places like Peter Vardy.

Volkswagen Golf

The VW Golf is another classic in the UK and a common sight on UK roads. It is incredibly versatile, reliable and practical which makes it a popular choice with young drivers, professionals, families, older drivers and everyone in between.

Nissan Qashqai

The Nissan Qashqai has very quickly rocketed up the best-selling list and is evidence of the public’s new interest in SUVs. The Qashqai is a superb SUV with rugged good looks, a comfortable interior and fantastic fuel economy to keep the running costs down.

Vauxhall Corsa

The Corsa never seems to slip out of the top 10 and it is easy to see why. The supermini is known to be excellent value for money and one of the more practical and reliable vehicles available.

Ford Focus

Another Ford entry and one which is consistently in the top 10, the Focus is another highly reliable automobile and one which is popular with a wide range of motorists. As it is a Ford, you can expect an excellent driving performance from this vehicle too.

Ford Kuga

Yet another entry for Ford, the Kuga is their foray into the SUV market and further evidence of the public’s growing interest in SUVs. It shares the same underpinnings as the Focus so expect a solid driving performance with good fuel efficiency.

Mercedes A Class

Brands do not come as desirable as Mercedes so it is easy to see why one of their more affordable models is one of the best selling cars in the UK this year. As you would expect with Mercedes, this hatchback has a luxury interior, brilliant driving performance and the looks to match.

These are the current best-selling vehicles in the UK. There are a few vehicles which never seem to shift, but also a few surprise entries which show a new trend emerging. In the near future, it is easy to see a range of alternatively fuelled vehicles creeping into this list as we edge towards the proposed 2040 ban.