How Expensive Are Electric Cars Still? You Might Be Shocked!

There’s an exceedingly good chance the trials and tribulations of getting petrol or diesel over the last few months have you considering an electric car. Although you might expect them all to be expensive models from the likes of Tesla, as the technology ages you can now pick up a really reasonable buy from just checking out used cars for sale in the UK.

Or if you want to buy new, with the government contributing a healthy £2,500 to any EV costing less than £35,000 now is the time to buy. If the new options below are still a bit rich for you, as we’ve said, the second hand options out there are getting better as each year passes. All of these can be found at half the price or better in the used market – the Renault Zoe for instance you can pick up second hand for under £5000.


Smart EQ ForTwo

Price: £20,350 – £24,425
Up to 83 miles (official WLTP Combined)
Lease deals: From £233 per month

This is one of the cheapest ‘proper’ electric cars out there. Just bear in mind that it’s only got two seats and a short 70-mile range, making it best for cities.

  1. Smart EQ ForFour

Price: £20,785 – £25,565
Up to 68 miles (official WLTP Combined)
Lease deals: 
From £243 per month

For not much more than the ForTwo above, you can get an electric Smart with two extra doors and four proper seats. That said, it still only has a range of around 70 miles and isn’t quite so manoeuvrable.

3: Fiat 500 Electric

Price: £22,995 – £29,995
Up to 199 miles (official WLTP Combined)
Lease deals: From £236 per month

Not only does the Fiat 500 Electric look cute as a button, it’s an award winning electric car that packs a far greater range than the two Smarts. That’s especially true if you go for the bigger of two battery options.

4: Volkswagen e-Up

Price: £23,555
 Up to 162 miles (official WLTP Combined)
Lease deals: 
From £212 per month

The e-Up is good to drive, has a reasonable range, and is an excellent introduction to EV ownership that comes highly recommended as one of the best cheap electric cars.

5: MG 5 EV

Price: £27,495 – £29,995
Up to 214 miles (official WLTP Combined)
Lease deals: 
From £218 per month

Despite costing the same as some small electric city cars, the MG 5 has a long range and is spacious inside, too. A long seven-year warranty makes it even more appealing.

6: MINI Electric Hatch

Price: £27,900 – £33,900
Up to 145 miles (official WLTP Combined)
Lease deals: 
From £269 per month

Although the MINI Electric’s range is on the short side, it’s quick and corners well. A plush interior will also appeal to those that like the finer things in life.


Price: £28,495 – £30,495
Range: 163 miles
Lease deals: From £250 per month

If you must have something that seats you a little higher than a hatchback, the ZS EV is the cheapest electric SUV out there. Like the MG 5 it has a seven-year warranty and the range isn’t bad, either.

8: Peugeot e-208

Price: £28,550 – £32,750

Believe it or not, the e-208’s interior is almost as posh as the MINI Electric’s and it’s more spacious inside. A longer range and greater comfort also appeal.

9: Renault Zoe

Price: £29,179 – £32,870
Lease deals: From £213 per month

The Zoe has been around a while, but its combination of a long range and spacious interior for its size means it’s still a real contender.

10: Honda e

Price: £30,160 – £32,660
Range: Up to 137 miles (official WLTP Combined)
Lease deals: From £363 per month

If you can live with the Honda e’s short range, it’s a tech-laden city car that’s as good to look at as it is to drive.

11: Vauxhall Corsa-e

Price: £30,610 – £34,160
Range: Up to 209 miles (official WLTP Combined)
Lease deals: From £381 per month

Essentially this is a slightly less flamboyant Peugeot e-208. Perfect for those who want to go electric without shouting about it.

12: Nissan Leaf

Price: £31,145 – £39,525
Range: 180 miles
Lease deals: From £284 per month

The Leaf is an easy to drive and distinctive electric car, with a decent but not outstanding range.

More electric cars from less than £35,000

13: Citroen e-C4

Price: £32,180 – £34,330
Range: 217 miles
Lease deals: From £273 per month

The Citroen e-C4 is a funky-looking thing that combines hatchback, fastback and SUV styling, and provides a comfortable ride.

14: Kia e-Niro

Price: £32,845 – £39,395
Range: 282 miles
Lease deals: From £370 per month

Not only is the e-Niro a practical family SUV, the 64kWh version has an outstanding range for the money. Perfect for those worried about running out of charge on longer journeys.

15: Hyundai Kona Electric

Price: £33,150 – £41,500
Range: Up to 279 miles (official WLTP Combined)
Lease deals: From £333 per month

The Kona shares its motor and battery with the e-Niro, but isn’t quite as large or practical.

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