Professional women gather at WIN Manchester to realise their power and celebrate the Suffragettes

-®´©Ånancyfina_DSC7911WIN Manchester, a WIN curated leadership event for professional women and men, will take place on 7 June at the UKFast Campus in Manchester. In this 100-year anniversary of the very first women gaining the right to vote, WIN Manchester will celebrate the spirit and legacy of the Suffragettes while providing participants with inspiration, knowledge, practical tools and connections to help them succeed in their careers and prepare for the future.

The event is hosted by WIN, a global women’s leadership initiative based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The theme of the event is “Realizing Your Power and Leading Change Differently – the Suffragette Edition.” At the event, participants will learn how women with authentic power are impacting business models and bottom lines and discover how progressive companies are embracing diversity and creating inclusive environments that foster innovation.

The speaker line-up at WIN Manchester includes:
• Sue Johnson, Head of Diversity & Inclusion Consulting, PwC
• Elaine De Fries, Operational Manager, The Pankhurst Trust
• Geraldine Bown, CEO & Founder, Domino Perspectives
• Nazir Afzal, Former Crown Prosecutor – NW England, Former Chief Executive – Police & Crime Commissioners
• Graham Sparks, VP HR Diversity and Inclusion, Royal Dutch Shell
• Claire-Marie Boggiano, Director & Coach, Lurig Change & Development
• Gavin Markel, Head of Women’s Football, Manchester City
• Ken McPhail, Professor of Accounting, Director of Research and Deputy Head of School, Alliance Manchester Business School
• Isabella Phoenix, Omnichannel Transformation, HP Inc.

“We are delighted to bring WIN to Manchester, the birthplace of the women’s suffrage movement. At this pivotal time, as we celebrate women’s achievements in all walks of life and grapple with the new and old challenges we face, we must not forget the vital contribution of the suffragettes,” said Kristin Engvig, WIN’s Founder and CEO. “At WIN Manchester, we will draw on their legacy and ask: how can we access our inner power and strengthen our outer influence to make things happen, differently?

WIN Manchester is sponsored by Alliance Manchester Business School, UKFast, Shell, Lurig Change & Development, BASF, Oakridge STRIDE, Shoosmiths, Grant Thornton and Direct Rail Services.

Professor Fiona Devine, Head at Alliance Manchester Business School said: “At Alliance Manchester Business School our world-leading academics are engaged in a wide-range of research connected with gender and diversity; and across all our programmes we support the world’s future leaders to embrace diversity and foster innovation. We take our inspiration from the great city of which we are part and we are extremely proud to support the first WIN conference here in Manchester.”

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Kristin Engvig, Founder and CEO, WIN