Lead generation firm B2B Gene on the critical nature of the modern prospect acquisition process.

Singapore, May 28, 2018 – Whilst covering the recent Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit on the US west coast, reporter Jenny Wang caught up with B2B Gene’s Paul Cohen to talk about the role his and similar firms have in the modern marketing sector.

Business marketers should take note, B2B marketing now accounts for over 70 percent of all lead generation and that figure is only set to rise with the all-encompassing scope of digital tools that are now taking over from the usual marketing playbooks. In fact, this year’s Marketo summit in San Francisco was awash with talk of custom prospect generation pipelines and bespoke lead filtering.

“We now have processes in place that can potentially redefine the entire B2B marketing sector for the next decade” says Paul Cohen, Business Development Director for B2B Gene as we had a minute to talk at their stand in the middle of the summit.

“It’s now all about informing people rather than the hard sell. Today’s market builds a wall against advertising, so we concentrate more on helping our clients understand the importance of providing useful content to their customers first and foremost.”

In a 2017 survey, Marketing Times noted that 89% of consumers were drawn into a company’s advertising through “unorthodox content streams” rather than traditional methods.

B2B Gene seem to have capitalised on this trend by tapping into a lead generation style that goes past simple landing pages and quick questionnaires by building a process that draws the potential prospect in by peaking their interest on subjects they are truly interested in.

“What you are going to see over the next ten to fifteen years,” says Cohen, “is a transformation from a stagnant and static form of B2B lead generation to a very dynamic and pioneering method that is basically tailor made for each potential prospect.”

The future certainly looks bright for B2B Gene as they look to expand globally after an excellent year in the APAC region.

B2B Gene create bespoke lead generation pipelines for companies, that integrate straight into their current sales structure. For more info, contact below.

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