More Than a Third of Brits Too Polite to Claim for Dental Compensation

Toothache%2FRemovalA recent study of dental negligence in the UK substantiates the ‘polite Brit’ stereotype, showing that around 40% of British people would not make a complaint about a dentist if they experienced poor dental treatment.

British people are often portrayed as well-spoken individuals who project an overwhelming sense of politeness. A perfect example being their overuse of the word ‘sorry’, even when they have nothing to apologise for. Dental Law Claims, a UK-based dental claims company, were intrigued by the concept of British politeness and whether or not it influences someone’s decision to claim for dental compensation following bad dental work or negligence.

So, they decided to carry out a survey to get to the bottom of it!

40% of Brits Wouldn’t Claim for Dental Compensation

Issues such as wisdom teeth removal infection or problems following specialist treatments such as dental implant pain are often a sign of malpractice. Although in some cases these issues will only cause mild discomfort, it’s not uncommon for infections to lead to more severe health problems. If the latter occurs, and it’s due to dental negligence or poor-quality treatment, you are well within your rights to seek compensation.

A recent survey revealed that 40% of British respondents would not claim for dental compensation. An infection or other ailments could affect your day-to-day life, long-term health, or even your career if you end up having time off work. So it’s baffling that so many people would let it slide, especially as a medical professional such as a dentist owes you a duty of care.

Dental Law Claims wanted to find out just how polite the British public is, even in circumstances when there’s a valid reason to be annoyed. One of the potential answers they used was “No I wouldn’t claim, everyone makes mistakes”, which 40% of the 1500 respondents opted for, demonstrating that even with the potential to gain compensation, they would prefer to give their dentist the benefit of the doubt.

Over 20% Don’t Know How to Claim

Another interesting statistic from the survey is that just over 20% of the respondents would claim, but they don’t know how to do so. This is especially alarming, because in instances where negligence or inefficiency have occurred, it’s very likely that you would receive compensation. So if a lack of know-how is the only reason why you wouldn’t claim, it’s essential to familiarise yourself with the process in case you do experience this type of incident in future.

To give you a better chance of making a successful claim, it’s recommended to seek the help of a dental law specialist solicitors. This will increase your chance of receiving a refund, free treatment or compensation. It also allows you to let the professionals handle your case, without impacting your day-to-day life or career.

To claim for bad dental work, you will need supporting evidence from an independent dentist. In the majority of cases, this will require their professional opinion, but sometimes you may need an examination. Following this, your court proceedings will start and the evidence will be presented to the defendant, which will then lead to a financial settlement.

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