Shihang Hire Copper Nickel Pipe Manufacturing Specialist Mr Wen

SHIShanghai, July 5, 2018 – Shanghai Shihang Copper Nickel Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of CuNi 90/10 & CuNi 70/30 pipes, flanges and pipe fittings, today hired Mr. Wen, a copper-nickel specialist. This is part of Shihang’s restructuring plan to improve quality, increase productivity and manufacturing capability for the increasing demand for copper nickel pipes in the global market.

Mr. Wen will be in charge of operations effective immediately. He will be responsible copper nickel plant manufacturing process and quality control while working with the Shihang R&D team.

“At Shihang, we continue to invest and upgrade in modern manufacturing technology, while hiring an experienced and innovative workforce,” Kurt Yang, Shihang Export Manager. “Mr. Wen brings years of experience and expertise in the copper nickel pipes manufacturing process and quality testing.”

Mr. Wan will oversee the working of the newly updated copper nickel manufacturing plant. Shihang has invested in new 55KN direct extrusion press, 300T hydraulic elongator, 35KN indirect extrusion press and OTTO JUNKER furnace, alongside other quality control equipment.

Currently, Shihang can produce between 70T to 100T of copper-nickel pipes a month. Besides, it has also improved the DN 125 & DN 150 copper nickel pipe manufacturing efficiency, with 50 pieces (6 meters long) every day.

With the new QC team, which Mr. Wen will be part of, Shihang has improved on copper-nickel pipe tolerance thickness from ±10% to ±5%.

This comes after Shihang upgraded the quality testing laboratory by investing in new equipment. Shihang’s new quality testing equipment includes German brand Spectro Spectrograph, hydrostatical testing, and tensile machines.

Shihang has adopted strict quality control for the chemical composition and mechanical property of copper-nickel pipes.

By hiring a new workforce, Shihang can now produce seam welded cunifer pipes with an outer diameter of over 368mm. Of course, this is part of Shihang expansion plan to join the few companies that manufacture these pipes with a maximum weight of 5000kg.

About Shihang
Founded in 1996, Shanghai Shihang Copper Nickel Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd. has expanded to be a premier manufacturer and supplier of CuNi 90/10 & CuNi 70/30 pipes, fittings, and flanges.

At every stage, Shihang has adopted strict quality control (QC), to ensure all cupro nickel pipes conform to the DIN 86019, EEMUA 144, ASME B36.19M and MIL-T-16420K dimensional standards.
Shihang is an ISO 9001:2008 certified copper nickel manufacturer.

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