Having trouble with maintaining staff time records?


Quick and easy ways for staff to clock in and out.

Our cloud based digital visitor management system is made to help reduce admin work and make it easy to run routine management tasks. DigiGreet not only keeps track of visitors on site but also caters for contractors and staff.

Staff members don’t want to type their names every time to sign in/out and they shouldn’t have too – here are a few ways DigiGreet makes this process simpler.

1. Predictive Text: Our smart suggestion feature predicts staff names with just the first few characters.

2. Fob Scanning: Our DigiGreet Pro customers can make use of fob scanning – it is easy to integrate with your existing fob readers so the staff members can keep using the same system. We are fully compatible with Paxton who are a market leading IP access control, door entry and building intelligence system.

3. PIN number: Not everyone likes fobs – they can be forgotten or worse lost! DigiGreet Pro comes with pin number system. Simply allocate staff members with a pin number and they can sign in with it! You can set easy to remember pins.

We thought three options were good, but with a little help from some brain waves at one of our schools we have one more…

4. Badge/Barcode Scanning: One of our clients used the barcode scanning feature of DigiGreet Pro in a unique way. They allocated barcodes to all their staff members and then just printed them on labels which they stuck to their staff lanyards! What an efficient low-cost solution! DigiGreet Pro allows you to produce and print those barcode labels for staff with a single click.

Check out more on our Digital Visitor Management system & get in contact us with us to see how we can help.