7 tell-tale signs of psoriasis

Psoriasis Awareness Week starts with World Psoriasis Day on 29 October.

The theme of this year’s event is ‘pso serious’ with the aim of encouraging psoriasis to be taken seriously as a debilitating disease and increase awareness of the effect it has on people’s lives.

Psoriasis affects over 125 million people around the world – not just physically, but also socially, emotionally and financially. It also affects around 1.8 million people in the UK.

Psoriasis is a skin disease which leads to the inflammation, swelling and scaling of the skin. It begins in the immune system – with the T cells, and these help to protect the body against any potential disease. With psoriasis, these T cells are activated by mistake and they trigger off other immune protective responses, which in turn leads to the increased production of skin cells and suddenly, inflamed patches of skin will occur.

Experts at HelloSkin, an international platform offering guidance for people living with chronic skin conditions and products such as Sorion, a cream containing no steroids, preservatives, artificial colours, or other known irritants, have identified some of the most commonly experienced symptoms to look out for:

1. One of the most common symptoms is red patches occurring where skin cells have multiplied at a substantial rate. Once on the surface of the skin, these skin cells die and raised red itchy plaques are formed.

2. Have you taken a look at your nails recently? Nail psoriasis can alter the way your fingernails and toenails can look. They may change shape or colour, can thicken and can even be tender to the touch.

3. Skin can become dry and cracked on the outer layer of the epidermis. This happens due to the quantity of new cells pushing toward the surface.

4. These red skin cells will become itchy and irritated and scratching will make the skin much worse.

5. There are various types of psoriasis and pustular psoriasis forms non-infectious blisters surrounded by red looking skin. The pus is not infected; it is actually white blood cells. The blisters can occur anywhere on the body but most commonly, on the hands and feet.

6. Bleeding skin often occurs as the skin cells start to push up to the surface and blisters along with dry and cracked skin start to form. The epidermis is unable to completely form and this means there is the thinnest barrier to prevent bleeding. Scratching will easily cause an abrasion.

7. Swollen joints are common and there may be stiffness and pain experienced too. Most often, this is as a result of psoriatic arthritis, which affects the joints and skin.

Many of the people who turn to HelloSkin for help have suffered emotional and mental health issues such as breakdowns, depression, anxiety, loneliness and isolation as a direct result of having psoriasis. People living with psoriasis have often been driven to trying extreme treatments in an attempt to end a lifetime of itching, irritation, soreness, embarrassment and extreme discomfort. HelloSkin only sells products that are approved by its in-house medical team including Sorion which is currently helping thousands of sufferers to live more comfortably with their psoriasis without the side-effects of steroid based treatments.

Paul Gerken of HelloSkin says: “At HelloSkin we guide people with a personalised combination of products designed to control their symptoms over a lifetime. One of the products HelloSkin has received exceptionally positive customer feedback on is Sorion. No single product will work for everyone with psoriasis but we’re impressed by the success levels seen with Sorion. Unlike many products on the market Sorion doesn’t contain steroids so people living with psoriasis are able to use it without fear of weakening or damaging their skin.”

There is no cure for psoriasis, therefore it makes sense to watch out for any symptoms and fully understand the condition; this will help to avoid the potential for a flare-up.

For more information about HelloSkin and Sorion visit: https://helloskin.co.uk/

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About HelloSkin
HelloSkin is an organisation that compiles and uses data from millions of people to understand what will work for people living with skin conditions and provision of treatments.
Powered by a global network of people living with sensitive skin conditions, HelloSkin uses this knowledge to guide people with a personalised combination of products designed to control symptoms over a lifetime.

HelloSkin sells a curated selection of screened products to help people living with chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

HelloSkin’s in-house medical team ensure no product they sell contains ingredients which they believe might cause flare ups. They then use data obtained from voluntarily submitted surveys to assess which product work best for which type of person and condition.
Founded in 2016, HelloSkin now sells to an international community from its UK hub.

sorion cream 150ml tube with carton
sorion cream 150ml tube with carton

About Sorion:

Sorion is manufactured by the German company, Ruehe Healthcare based in Potsdam. While traveling through India, the company founders discovered the power of ayurveda medicine. The ingredients used in Sorion are the same as those used traditionally in ayurvedic medicine. These include neem, turmeric, Dyer’s Root, Sweet Indrajao and coconut oil.

The natural ayurvedic ingredients are combined with known moisturisers such as paraffin, which helps to restore moisture to the skin’s surface. The Sorion product range includes creams, shampoos, and scalp treatments for people suffering from psoriasis, and other serious skin conditions and is available from HelloSkin.co.uk
Ruehe Healthcare state that they are committed to improving the quality of life for people with skin conditions, who have tried other products before but without success.

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