6 Things That Teens Will Regret When They’re Adults

No matter how much we try to guide our youth, all teenagers make mistakes. It’s natural and expected since teenage brains are predisposed to risk-taking and dangerous behavior. Unfortunately, teenagers will regret some of these experience and this regret carries over into adulthood. Don’t you ever wish you can go back in time and somehow warn the teenage version of yourself the repercussions of bad decisions? Even more so, having the courage to make wise choices on things that you were once afraid of. Here are 6 things that teens will regret when they’re adults.

1. Eating unhealthy

Because a teenager expends more energy, they require more calories. With a fast metabolism, teenagers can quickly turn calories from burgers, pizza, and whatever unhealthy food they eat into energy. Most teenagers don’t experience obvious weight gain and don’t see the onset of diseases relating to an unhealthy diet. Therefore, why not eat whatever you want as a teenager. Makes sense, but watch out. Over time, anyone that constantly eats a poor diet will suffer the consequences physically and mentally.

2. Experimenting with drugs

Stubborn teenager minds have the “live or die” mentality, which leads to risky behaviors like experimenting with drugs. This abuse takes a toll on our bodies and with addictive behaviors means having to attend drug rehabs. Not a proud moment for any teenager to experience. What’s worse, early drug abuse can lead to a life-long habit with consequences as serious as permanent disability or even death.

3. No interest in family

A teenager’s favorite pastime is hanging out with their friends and hardly ever with their family. They prefer to be far away from a parent or guardian as much as possible because it’s uncool to be around old people. As we get older and mature, we understand our parents more. Only then the importance of spending time with family despite any difference is realized.

4. No motivation

Teens lack motivation and fail to be proactive. Teenagers are lazy because they are not as experienced with prioritizing, handling life’s pressures, and multi-tasking like adults. Let’s not forget the numerous distractions with trying to fit in, peer pressure, and puberty. Teenagers don’t discover what they want until later in life. They sit around hoping and waiting for things to happen. When they get older, they’ll discover themselves, be responsible, and take initiative rather than just waiting for things to happen.

5. No money saved

Teenagers spend money once it’s made available to them. It’s difficult for them not to especially when they have to keep up with the latest trends. If they were taught to save even just a little with their allowances, monetary gifts, and jobs there certainly won’t be any financial regrets in their future.

6. Not pursuing a higher education

Once high school ends, some teenagers don’t pursue a higher education. They’re okay with a part-time job or settle with whatever they have at the time. This can result in a stagnant and unfulfilling career path. A higher education doesn’t only mean college. It could be learning a new trade, getting formal training, or honing a skill that genuinely interests them. With so much competition, starting earlier than later would lessen any regrets.

All teenagers will feel regret in their future. Everyone has at least one regret. It’s a part of life. Whether it’s not eating healthy, abusing your body with drugs, not spending enough time with your family, lacking motivation, not saving money, or failing to learn new experiences. It’s going to happen. Give support to the teens in your life. If it has already happened, regret no longer and learn from it.

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