The Great Wall tops the list of attractions Brits most want to visit in China

One in four Brits has China on their ‘bucket list’ – and the Great Wall tops the list of attractions they most want to visit, a study found.

A poll of 2,000 adults also found China beat Singapore, Bali and South Korea as countries we would most like to visit.

Other top sights Brits would love to see in the Far East include the Terracotta Army in Xi’an and the Forbidden City in Beijing.

The study also found around six out of ten wrongly believe the Great Wall is visible from space – which in fact is an urban myth.

More than a third would like the opportunity to get up close and personal with the giant pandas at Chengdu’s Panda Base.

As well as being able to see giant pandas, the base also cares for other rare and endangered wild animals within the area.

One in six Brits would happily try all foods on offer in China – including snake and insects.

Thirty-five per cent would not rule out eating 1,000-year-old eggs and 41 per cent wouldn’t say no to chicken feet.

However, despite the adventures on offer the souvenir most Brits would like to bring back would be a humble fridge magnet, followed by some Chinese snacks.

Hongbing Chen, deputy general manager for Air China Europe  which commissioned the research, said: “Although it’s surprising that so few Brits have travelled to China, it’s fantastic to see there is such a strong appetite to travel to the country.

“To help Brits achieve their dreams by beginning their journey to China, Air China is pleased to offer premium services on board new, wider aircraft which provide a regular and reliable service between China and the UK.

“Air China strives to constantly better-serve its passengers and aims to allow travellers to chase their dreams, while also building lasting connections between the UK and China.”

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