7 Money-saving Tips Funeral Parlour Managers Never Share

Losing someone dear is not only one of life’s biggest challenges, but could easily become one of life’s most significant expenses too. A funeral costs on average $11,000, yet funeral parlours can sometimes charge you way more than that.

It’s easy to spend a lot on a funeral as you obsess over every little detail. The real challenge, though, is to make a funeral just as the deceased would have liked. As difficult as it may be in those moments, try to understand that no matter how much you spend, no amount of money could replace your loss. With that in mind, here are seven money-saving tips that funeral parlour managers keep for themselves.

The Best Decision Is Always Yours

Funeral parlours have different prices for different services, so make sure you don’t settle for the first offer. Pick a few of your close providers and contact them. They should be able to answer any additional questions and offer a clear overview of the potential costs of working with them.  Get detailed package deals if you need more information. Only after thorough research, you can then make the best decision, balancing the offer with your priorities and the cost you’re willing to pay for it.

Payment in Advance – Yes or No

If you did not get a full-service package from the funeral parlour or if there are still some details you are unsure how to handle, don’t pay in advance. It’s best to make sure you get everything straightened out before making any payments. That way, you can still have freedom for last minute changes or even negotiations.

However, there might be instances where if you pay in advance, you might be able to negotiate with the funeral parlour manager for a discount. Consider that they outsource some services, such as flowers, so this might give you a good advantage in the negotiation.

Caskets Don’t Have to Be Expensive

You don’t have to buy an expensive casket. You are not even obliged to buy a casket from the funeral parlour. Online retailers also sell caskets, and you might get a beautiful one for a reasonable price, delivered to you just in time. The same applies to any other elements too. Once again, don’t settle for the first option.

Embalming Isn’t Necessary

One of the reasons for asking for detailed package information is that some funeral parlours don’t have a refrigerated holding room, so they charge you for embalming. This additional service is quite expensive, but you can easily cross it off your list if you choose the right funeral parlour.

Decide If You Want A Funeral Director

Funeral parlour managers deserve to be paid for what they do. However, if you don’t want to overspend and you feel confident enough, you could skip adding this cost.

Carefully review and understand your options to choose the best funeral or memorial service that meets the needs of your family. You could split roles and responsibilities with other family members and ensure everything is well taken care of before and during the funeral.

Hold the Memorial at Home

Holding the memorial at home is common practice in some countries. It doesn’t only optimize costs, but you can also bring a personal touch to the moment, as a way of showing appreciation to the person you’ve just lost. At home is where you usually create the best memories. So, if you want to say goodbye in an intimate and personal way, then an at-home memorial might be the best option for you.

Discharged Military & Insurances

Some might get special treatment – if your dear one is either a discharged veteran or someone who has made insurance for the funeral. These details could help you out with your budget. A funeral should gain its significance from the small details we’ve arranged knowing the deceased would’ve liked the result and the importance you give to it. And this is not measured in how much you spent for it.