What Are The Differences Between a Simple Funeral & Traditional Funeral?

Many types of funerals may be held to mark the passing of a loved one or friend, from Religious to Humanist, Cremation or Burial, extravagant to understated. Whether you are making arrangements for someone who has passed or want to make pre-arrangements for yourself, it helps to know the difference between the two most common in the UK: Simple and Traditional Funerals. Both are popular for different reasons and are suited for both ends of the budget spectrum. Below we will break down the difference so you can make an informed choice whether either or neither is suitable for your needs.

 A Simple Funeral

A Simple Funeral is an affordable, fundamental-only approach to funerals that offer lower-priced options without pomp and ceremony. It’s similar to a Direct Burial or Cremation, both of which are held without a funeral service while fulfilling legal requirements for funerals. Direct Cremation has become popular as it’s the lowest cost option available with zero frills. A Simple Funeral, by contrast, often follows the format of a Traditional Funeral but without the size and trappings. This stripping back may include no flowers or the lack of an ornate casket – anything that reduces cost for the proceedings. This is a great option for those who don’t want a minimal fuss approach.

Traditional Funerals

Although a considerable amount of funeral services in the UK still adhere to traditional, faith-based services, there is a societal move toward non-religious Traditional Funerals. This type of send-off is more extravagant, with more bells and whistles and every add on imaginable, meaning that the costs are often considerably higher. So, regardless of whatever option suits you, we can help make arrangements for you. Typically, a Traditional Funeral in the UK consists of the following:

  • A Visiting, also known as a Viewing, where loved ones can come and see the deceased and say last goodbyes. While this is common, it is optional, and many people prefer not to have this element included.
  • A Service: Traditional funerals include a service held in a church, funeral home, crematorium, or burial site. An officiant or perhaps a religious official will say a few words.
  • A Funeral Procession: The hearse leads the procession with the coffin, usually followed by a car with immediate family. This journey can also be taken on foot.
  • Burial or Cremation Options: Either can be arranged depending on the preference of the deceased individual or the family.
  • There is a Wake: This traditional reception is held on the same day as the funeral.

Contact County Funerals

When choosing between a Simple or Traditional Funeral with us, you can have peace of mind that County Funerals will handle your arrangements with respect and the utmost dignity for your loved one. They believe in transparency, so for more information, view their online funeral price list, or reach out to them for more information on how they can help. Their experienced funeral directors can be contacted by clicking here.


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