An Ultimate Guide to Removing & Fitting Number Plates

These days, the trend of personalised number plates has taken the world by storm and consequently, many people have started buying them for their vehicle. While it’s quite easy to buy these plates, fitting them is a mundane task. Even the slightest mistake may end up costing you on the looks of your vehicle. That’s why this post has come to the rescue.

We’ve listed some easy to do tips that will help you fix your number plate while making your car look exceptionally unique and beautiful.

How to Remove Existing Number Plates

Before diving into how to fit a private number plate, consider its process of removing first. Bear in mind removing depends on the way a plate is fixed.

1. If you’re having screwed one, then consider removing the screws and then pull off the plate slowly. While removing screws, it’s important for you to ensure that the plate doesn’t fall.

2. On the contrary, if you’re having plate stuck using sticky pads, then just wrap a fishing wire around fingers, put it behind the number plate and move it back. This would allow the number plate to lose its grip. Make sure you don’t damage your vehicle while doing so.

How to Fix a New Private Number Plate

Once you are done removing your existing number plate, it’s time to fix a new one. Like removing, fixing also depends on how you want to fix it.

1. If you want to fix it with screws, make sure you determine the right position where the screws will land. And you can do this by placing the old number plate on the top of a new one.

Note: While drilling through the marked points, make sure you don’t drill through any digit. After that, fix the plate tightly, place caps over the screws and press them at last.

2. If you want to fix your plate with sticky pads, then firstly consider cleaning the area where the plate needs to be fixed. After cleaning, apply sticky pads at the back of your new number plate.

Note: for effective results, apply at least 9-11 pads in all directions, slanted, horizontal, and vertical. Put some pressure once applied. And you’re done fixing your number plate using sticky pads.

If you are looking to purchase a private number plate for your car, then make sure you to keep a few things into consideration. To avoid fall foul of the regulations, it is wise to follow important buying steps.

In this post, we’ve listed some do’s and don’ts that you need to know to get the right personalised number plate for your car.

1. Set a Budget: It is important for you to keep a specific budget in mind for the number plate that you are planning to purchase. Unarguably, these kinds of plates are available at an extensive range of prices. Make sure you find the right kind of plate within an affordable price range, ultimately preventing you from purchasing a number plate, which is too expensive.

2. Think What Type of Plate You Want: You must be wondering what kind of number plate you should go for!

As a matter of fact, there are different types of number plate styles you should go for. These include:

Prefix style car number plates
Current style car number plates
Suffix style car number plates
Dateless style car number plates

When you are about to buy a private number plate, ensure it is registered in your name. So, it is mandatory for you to have all vehicle documents to hand when making your purchase.

3. Remain Flexible: Although you have set a budget for your personalised number plate, when you inquire with a registered broker you may find that the number plate that you want, slightly surpasses your budget.

If you remain within your budget, you will lose the opportunity to purchase your ideal number plate as its price will increase with time.

4. Don’t Overlook Fee: When you are purchasing a private number plate, you will need to make a payment to the authorising body, i.e. Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). Along with your budget, consider authority fee too.

5. Consider Using Recognised Brokers: Consider buying a private number plate from a DVLA recognised broker so that you have the surety that the process will be managed in accordance with the Cherished Numbers Transfer Regulations. can guide you through the process ensuring you are fully protected at all times.

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