How to Write the Best Ads for Your Job Vacancies

You have a vacant position that you need to fill with the right person who possesses the right skills, qualifications and aptitude. Finding this person starts with the right job advert. Working with a London recruitment agency is just one means of writing a job advert that attracts attention from the right people. What does a great job advert look like?

It needs a great job title

The title of your vacant position is what will attract people to look further into the advert and what you are looking for.

Clearly, making sure that it spells out what the position is honestly is key but pumping it up so that it stands out against all the other ads is key to attracting attention. Thus, a job title of ‘Personal Assistant Needed for Ambitious London Technology Business’ says more than ‘PA Wanted’.

It needs a captivating introduction

The top few lines of your advert must give potential candidates several key pieces of information. But they also want to know if your company is the type of employer they would consider working for.

Summarise the position you have vacant in three to five sentences and don’t be frightened to make this a colloquial or emotive introduction.

It needs to tell potential candidates more about you

Who are you? Why are you looking for someone to fill this role? Where has your brand come from since those humble beginnings all those years ago?

In other words, tell your story. From who your clients are to the projects you have been involved in, to ambitions for the future, it is just as important for your business to be attractive to potential candidates.

Just as you are expecting candidates to make an effort with their application, you need to kickstart the process with effort of your own. So highlight all those hard-won accolades and awards, emphasise your culture and brand values so that they clearly stand out.

It sells the position well

Every opportunity can be described as ‘exciting’ or every role can be the ‘next challenge you are looking for’ but does it really give a flavour of the vacant position on offer?

A great job advert really sells the position in terms of what it is, followed by essential information such as salary range, benefits and so on. But it needs to be honest. Don’t be tempted to build it into something that is isn’t.

It should emphasise why candidates should apply

Don’t forget that like all good adverts and marketing material, there should be a strong call to action so that candidates are encouraged to apply.

Don’t let your advert fizzle to nothing with a lame ‘email your CV’ at the end. Before this, repeat why someone should apply using no more than five or six bullet points about the job, your business and the skills you are looking for in the person you need.

Does your job advert meet all these criteria?