How to Avoid Growing Pains When Scaling Up Your Operations

If you have a clear vision about your business and would like to make the most out of your opportunities for growth, you will need to create a plan and a risk assessment so you know what to expect and what to be prepared for. There are plenty of things you might come across that can damage your reputation or put your business at risk when trying to scale up your operations. Find a few tips for managing growth below.

Project Management


You are never completely ready for a business expansion if you don’t have a detailed project plan. If you wanted to drive to Australia, you would certainly need  a map and an itinerary, as well as a satellite navigation system. The same applies to the world of business. You might want to engage with a consultancy firm such as Paul Trudgian to get help with managing each stage and changing your supply chain.  

Implement Lean Principles

If you haven’t implemented Lean principles in your organization yet, it might be time to study how it can make your operations more effective while helping you manage risks and eliminate waste. You can talk to a consultant or learn the basic skills that will allow you to use these methods to improve your business every day.  

Assign Responsibilities

As a business owner, your job is not to micromanage companies and individual processes, but to facilitate and oversee them. You will need to create a project responsibility chart that will allow you to see and control every stage of your change process. You might also decide to simplify or automate some processes, such as managing your social media campaigns or staying in touch with your existing customers.

Increase Your Capacity

When you have big plans you will need to prepare for the time when the growth is in place. Check that you have enough capacity to deal with the increased production volumes or workflow, and start recruiting staff on time, so they are trained and able to work in your business by the time you need them. This way, you can avoid letting your existing and new customers down.

Plan Your Finances


If you want to know whether or not you are ready for the challenges of rapid growth, you will need to put your finances in order. Ensure that you have the money to invest in the first place, and can cover the cost of extra staff and equipment. You might need to finance projects that will help you grow faster, so talking to a financial expert and business loan specialist might be a good idea. After all, you simply don’t want to find out that you ran out of money before you completed your business transition.


Growing a business is not without challenges. You will need to invest time and money into putting systems and technologies in place and increasing your capacity. Create a business growth checklist to successfully manage your business growth.

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