Signs That You’ve Outgrown Your Home

It can be hard to come to terms when you’ve owned a property for a good amount of years, and then you realise that you’ve come to outgrow it. And that’s perfectly normal as a lot of us will end up repurchasing property multiple times through our lives. Here are the signs to look out for that you’ve outgrown your home.

Change In Family Size

The addition of a family or the leaving of one will either make the home feel big or small. Having children means you need extra space for everything that comes with them and when they eventually leave, that big four bedroom property that you brought might be too much to deal with. With a growing family, you’ll want to have more space, and as kids fly the nest, it might be good to consider downsizing your property to something more manageable.

Major Life Events

Sometimes the unexpected life events can happen which may leave you in financial difficulty or having to move far from the city or town you live in. This could be a breakup or a career change that triggers the need to sell up and move out. This is likely to be one of the more emotionally difficult reasons as it’s not exactly something you may have been expecting so soon.

It Feels Cramped Or Messy

This might be the case when you’ve brought your first property and therefore have no furniture. As you fill your home, you may find that the property is smaller when it’s furnished. Also, as the years go by, we naturally tend to hoard items, so if it starts feeling cramped or messy due to lack of storage, it might be time to find somewhere bigger.

No Longer In Love With The Area Around You

If your lifestyle has changed significantly, the neighbourhood or area around you may no longer cater to your needs. Perhaps it was a small town you were in before, but now you need a nearby shopping centre or would prefer living in a city. You should find your local area entertaining as it’s where you’ll likely go if you want to get out of the house. It can be normal to want a change of scenery especially as your lifestyle and priorities change over time.

You Find Yourself Shopping For Property

You may already be consciously window shopping, but if you find yourself looking at homes for sale, you could already have made the decision in your head to move. A lot of us as homeowners will leisurely browse property sites more often if we’re looking for something more than what we already have. Perhaps an additional bedroom, a more structured garden or a home gym. Take this window shopping as a sign that it’s time to move onto somewhere new.

Don’t be sad that you’ve outgrown your home as you never know what new adventures await in your new home. Cherish all the memories and moments you’ve had and created in your property and look forward to a fresh beginning.