One-of-a-kind Hen Party Games You and Your Squad Will Love

What makes a hen party fun, you ask? Well you’ve got the bride-to-be, the guests, the giggles, and a night of classy, cheeky fun. Of course, we can’t miss out on the series of games and activities that will surely leave everyone blushing!

No matter what your theme is for the hen do of the night, hen party games are a must. You don’t want boring, old games that your mother and your mother’s mother probably played on their hen night as well.

Serve up some cocktails and wine to let everyone get loose and comfortable first! We’ve rounded up some out-of-the-box activities for the night to bid adieu to the hen’s single days with a blast.

1.Prosecco Pong

You should probably put this as one of the first activities of the night. Now, we know that we mentioned that this will be a list of unordinary activities but trust us on this one.

Since not everyone in the party will be well-acquainted, this pre-party game will get everyone chatting warming up to one another.

You need to foster a level of familiarity and comfort within the group because the following activities in our list are not for the faint of heart.

2.Life Drawing

For women who have a knack for humour, a hen party life drawing class is a naughty yet creative way to get everyone’s attention.

The name’s pretty straight forward— it’s a drawing class with real life models…except this time, we have some of the buffest men to serve as your inspiration. A life drawing class for hens of all ages? Count us in!

First-time artists need not be daunted by the activity because you will be guided throughout the whole process. Just make sure to keep your refreshments and wine glasses nearby because liquid courage could come in handy for this part.

3. Sculpt The Penis

Sculpt the penis is the name of the game and it’s as straightforward as it is funny. You can use a zucchini, cucumber, or even dough; Whatever works! All you have to do is set a tablecloth down for each participant and distribute tools.

The main objective is to carve the perfect penis with a set amount of time. The bride gets to choose the best-looking phallic figure, or you can vote on it! But don’t discard it yet; We still have games to play that involve your masterpieces.

4.Put on The Ring

Pick out players whose carved penises are still sturdy because they’ll be partaking in the next game. Essentially, what they need to do is put a condom on their cheeky creations but, here’s the catch: they need to do It without using their hands.

This activity is sure to bring about a lot of expletives and giggles as girls attempt to use their mouths, feet, and whatever they can use. Fastest one to put I on properly after 30 seconds wins!

5. Junk in The Trunk

This one requires a little bit more effort and physicality but it’s all worth it! All you have to do is tie an empty box on the backside of the bride, and all the bridesmaids have to try and get as many ping pong balls as they can inside!

Set a time limit and put the bride-to-be’s favourite songs on shuffle. Bride, don’t forget to dance and twerk as best as you can to make it harder for your girl squad.

6.The Biscuit Challenge

Make sure that you have a list of things ready and pass around some biscuits. Once everybody has one, call out an object (bird, banana…a man’s thing) and the person who gnaws and bites the biscuit to best look like the object wins!

7.Guess Whose

Ask all the guests to bring a pair of clean knickers and ask them to put them all in a bowl as they enter. Later on, you can call them up one by one to take a pick that isn’t theirs and match the knickers to the owner!

A twist is to ask everyone to bring a photo of their first crush and shuffle them all. Distribute them and try to match the first love to the guest! Better make sure that none of the photos are of the groom. Awkward!

Hen nights are for helping everyone bond and send the bride-to-be off with a fun party!

 Don’t forget to be flexible with your activities because, remember: this is one of the rare nights these busy women have the time to get together and chat. Let loose and just go with the flow of the party! As long as you keep the enjoyment of the bride as the focus, you’ll be off to a great night.

Photo from Unsplash