Are Big, Expensive Weddings Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Are Big, Expensive Weddings Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Whether you’ve just got engaged or your daughter/son is talking about getting married, you’re perhaps wondering (and hoping!) whether big weddings are a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, for anyone who’s dipping into their pocket to pay for the wedding – they’re only getting bigger and more expensive, according to the latest statistics.

Last year, the average cost of a UK wedding hit an all-time high, reaching over £27,000 (nearly a 10% increase on the cost in 2016).

That’s almost the same as the average person’s wage.

What Are the Biggest Costs?

It probably goes without saying that the majority of couples will spend the most money on their venue. This may be a wedding venue and separate reception venue or a venue that’s suitable for both day and night.

Just over £2,700 is spent on the venue and almost £4,000 on the reception venue.

Catering is also quite a hefty cost, whether it’s wedding breakfasts or mobile food trucks and bars. The average couple spends just short of £4,000 on feeding their guests.

Different events require different cuisines. Every caterer brings a uniquely-designed menu to the table. Make sure you match tablecloth linens as per the occasion to improve their experience. A caterer’s role is to create an everlasting impact by preparing meals according to the occasion’s theme and guests’ dietary requirements

Then you’ll also need to factor in wedding photography (and videos, which seem to be growing in popularity), flowers, entertainment, favours, gifts for bridesmaids etc. and outfits for the rest of the wedding party.

Oh, and that’s not forgetting THE wedding dress itself, which is expected to cost in the region of £1,300 (plus another £160 for the shoes).

Will You Regret Spending So Much?

According to another survey, there’s one huge thing many Brits would change about their wedding – the cost.

It revealed that it’s normal for couples to blow their whole budget on the extra bits and bobs that make their wedding stand out from the crowd, from bouquets and wedding bands to photography and caterers.

But what’s seen as the biggest waste of money is the men’s suits, decorations and floral arrangements (according to the brides). And while men are also of the agreement that the bouquets are overly expensive, they regret that so much was spent on the bridesmaid dresses and wedding dress, too. Funny how the two opinions don’t match up, isn’t it?

However, at the other end of the scale, they did believe that some things were more than worth their money. For the women, this was the transport, and for the men it was the reception venue.

Overall, then, it would seem that it’s easy to get carried away with the planning and preparation of a wedding, without really appreciating the costs involved and whether or not they’re really worth it.

A Matrimony of Love

Ultimately, while the average cost of a wedding may be X amount, and so-and-so next door spent more than that on their daughter’s wedding, all of these facts and figures shouldn’t matter to prospective brides and grooms and their families.

Rather, the focus should be on putting together a wedding that celebrates their love, is in keeping with their budget and sees them heading off into married life the way they’ve always wanted to.

Shouldn’t it?