6 Apps that Could Boost Startup Revenue and Success

Regardless of industry or how brilliant a business idea may be, getting a startup off the ground can be a financially draining, time consuming and stressful process. In fact, approximately half of all businesses fail during the first five years, meaning those early decisions are vitally important to the survival rate of your startup.

This is where technology can help. With a range of apps available on the market that can save busy entrepreneurs valuable time and money, here are 6 you could consider to help get your startup off the ground and reduce expenditure.

Zapier for Automation

Admin and essential daily tasks can take up a lot of business hours. Thankfully, automation can help to resolve this, by automatically completing tasks. One such app example is Zapier. This is compatible with more than 1,000 apps and works to integrate the apps that you use, passing information between them to automatically completing tasks.

Rescue Time for Productivity

Even the most dedicated and focused of entrepreneurs can be guilty of procrastinating. A quick scroll of your timeline here and there or five minutes to watch a YouTube video can soon add up, eating into your working hours. To keep track of how you are spending your day, Rescue Time monitors your activity and gives you daily reports, which could help you to better manage your time.

Parcel2Go.com for Shipping

Nowadays, the majority of businesses require an affordable and reliable shipping service. However, organising the shipping process can be ineffective, both in terms of time and finances. To solve this, an app like the one developed by Parcel2Go.com allows you to create orders and invoice all in one place, saving valuable time that you can spend on core activities.

Proven for Hiring Staff

Even if you are currently operating as a one-band operation, the day will soon come where you require extra staff, whether this is to manage an increased workload, promote growth, or acquire a new set of skills. While hiring and finding the right candidate can be a long process, Proven can make it easier and faster to post adverts and sort applications.

Expensify for Tracking Expenses

Whether you do your own accounts, or you have an accountant, keeping track of invoices and expenses can be tedious. Thankfully, apps can help to make this repetitive and ongoing task simple. An app like Expensify allows you to Keep your accountant happy. Simply photograph receipts to upload and electronically store all your expenses.

Buffer for Social Media

There is a reason social media is particularly popular with startups – while there are opportunities for paid adverts, it offers businesses a free form of marketing. However, managing all these accounts across multiple platforms is a large job. This is where Buffer could be helpful. Allowing you to schedule posts and analyse interactions, it could assist your efforts to grow your brand and increase followers.

For any entrepreneur, time is a precious commodity. To help you focus on core activities and build a successful startups, try these apps.

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