Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue

While the factors for a perfect wedding venue differ from one couple to another, comfortable surroundings help you and your guests enjoy the day to the fullest. The ideal wedding venue shouldn’t be only to your liking; it should set the entire wedding’s tone. It should also be an excellent spot to create memories. Most importantly, the best wedding venue should give you the personal satisfaction you desire. Below are six tips for picking the perfect wedding venue.

1.   Consider your wedding theme

There are many wedding themes, including vintage, tropical, carnival, casual garden party, minimalistic, rustic, country, beach, travel, and others. Each theme reflects different personalities, and your chosen venue should resonate with it. Whatever location you choose for your wedding, ensure it enhances your theme to make it feel connected to the space. If your wedding theme incorporates more natural elements, it will work seamlessly with an outdoor venue such as The Crescent Beach Club.

2.   Look at your guest list

To pick the perfect wedding venue, you should have a clear picture of the number of guests you’re expecting. Preparing a wedding guest list helps guide your search, enabling you to find a venue with a suitable capacity. If you’re considering micro-wedding, go for dedicated small intimate venues. Failure to prepare a guest list means your guests might not fit in the venue, putting you in a challenging situation. Knowing the precise number of guests to invite for your wedding helps you break down your budget because some expenses depend on the number of guests you invite.

3.   Work with a budget

Finding your dream venue and then realizing it doesn’t suit your wedding budget can be disappointing. Before starting your wedding venue search, prepare a wedding budget and allocate some money for the venue. Wedding expenses add up very quickly, especially when renting chairs, tables, lighting, and other vital elements.

During your wedding venue hunt, consider venues that provide additional event services and include them in the overall quote to avoid sourcing services from different vendors. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can plan your wedding during the off-season or hold it on a Sunday.

4.   Consider availability

If you’re set on a specific date for your wedding, start looking for venues early enough to increase your chances of finding your preferred venue still available. If your wedding date is more flexible, you can still begin your search in advance. However, your options will be a lot more because you can choose a date depending on the venue’s availability instead of being restrained to a specific date.

5.   Talk to a wedding planner

Before starting your space search, consider talking to an experienced wedding planner because they understand the capabilities of a specific space, its layout, and the items and time you’ll need to transform it. Your planner will know all the creative ways to make your venue unique and what you can do to accomplish a good vision.

6.   Consider parking options

If your wedding is in a busy or isolated area, consider parking availability and accessibility options. Consider the available parking spaces and whether the guests will require to pay for them.


A suitable wedding venue plays a significant role in a couple’s experience. Apply these tips when picking the perfect wedding venue.

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