Brexit: The Real Deal delivered by Wotan Games

Brexit: The Real Deal a card game to bring some fun into the Future of Brexit in U.K. for July 2019

Teddy Tech and Wotan Games Together Provide next Step into Brexit UK after Brexit EU with a fun card game.

Brexit: The Real Deal is a card game in which 3-5 players compete to win trade deals with other countries. You’ll have to plan, bluff and second guess what everyone is doing as you try and complete your hidden agenda and stop them completing theirs! Pledge Now

“We appreciate all the great work that Tech Teddy has done with Brexit: The Real Deal and we are pleased to work with them to deliver the game,” stated Laurence O’Brien, CEO of Wotan Games. “They understand the importance of seeing that there is always a lighter side of any great decision..”

Teddy Tech is also pleased to work with Wotan Games. Russell Neal, Senior Designer at TeddyTech said: “Probably the best thing about working with Wotan Games is the experience and reach in the industry. I know when I am working with Wotan Games we are working to the same end, fun and laughter within a challenging environment.”

Russell went on to explain, “Another great thing about working with Wotan Games is the people. If I have a question about anything or an issue that needs a response, I never have too wait long for a reply…. I really appreciate that, as do my team.”

Teddy Tech is located in London and has been working on games for 4 years.

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