MPL Versus Other Gaming Platforms: What’s The Difference?

Mobile gaming has taken the world by storm, and one such gaming platform capitalizing on the trend is MPL or Mobile Premier League. Backed by marquee investors, such as Go Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and Times Internet, the gaming platform has emerged as one go-to for gaming enthusiasts.

Since its launch in September 2018, MPL has achieved impressive milestones. It has amassed over 100 million users in India and Indonesia to become Asia’s most prominent and largest gaming platform. The platform has also broken ground in the US gaming sector and made a huge splash with its all-in-one offerings. Within a short time of its introduction, the real money games app attracted a lot of users in the US and kept them occupied throughout the pandemic-induced lockdowns. Users signing up on MPL get pure entertainment and opportunities for earning real cash rewards.

If you are a gaming enthusiast interested in knowing how MPL is different from other platforms, here are a few standout features.

  • The platform ensures zero wait time

Participating in 1V1 battles or multiplayer tournaments is fun on this platform because you don’t have to wait for everyone to join. Instead, you can click play and finish your turn. Your opponent can join later and finish the game. The scores will be calculated at the end when both players have played their turn. The results will be updated.

So, if you want to enjoy a quick game of Spider Solitaire or Fruit Chop before entering the meeting room, you can do so without any fuss. There’s no need to wait for your opponent. Instead, finish your game, head to the meeting, and check the scores later.

  • There are unlimited practice games for free

The platform caters to gamers of all types. Whether you like to play games for purely entertainment purposes or earn money, this platform will not disappoint you. Also, if you are a resident of any state in the US that doesn’t permit cash-winning games, you can play the practice games for free and keep yourself engaged.

Also, the practice games are designed similarly to the events and tournament games. So, you will enjoy all the excitement and thrill of cash contests but without the cash reward at the end. These games are also competitive ones played with real-life online opponents.

  • 24/7 customer support to assist you

MPL works around the clock to offer guidance and support to its users. You can sign up on this gaming platform and head to the Contact Us page to fill up a form with your doubts. Their customer support executive will revert at the earliest. Also, you can reach out to them with your recommendations and suggestions if there is any aspect of the platform hindering you from having a fantastic gaming experience.

  • Comprehensive game options from varied categories

MPL caters to all types of gamers, including those who enjoy card games, arcade games, or casual games. The platform also has puzzle games for you to solve. You can start with card games like Spider Solitaire, 21 Puzzle Game, or Cube Solitaire. If you need respite from card games, focus your attention on chopping fruits and scoring points in Fruit Chop.

When you are in the mood to work your brain, you can play Block Puzzle. The game is challenging, and it will keep you clutching the edge of your seat.

Furthermore, the platform offers 8 Ball Blast and Bingo. These two games need no introduction because they are one of the most prevalent among gamers. You can show off your skills, beat your high score and win rewards in tournaments.

  • The platform has a high-end anti-fraudulent system in place

The platform offers a secure and safe gaming experience to its users. It deters users from cheating or resorting to fraud to win a match. It even has an anti-fraudulent system in place that emphasizes fair play.

  • You can play with friends and real-life online players

MPL enables users to play with their friends by creating a group and sending out invites. If your friends aren’t available, you can let the platform match you with random real-life players. Either way, you will always have someone to play a match with whenever you want.

  • The tournaments offer lucrative cash rewards and prizes

While the practice games are great for sharpening your skills and learning the game’s rules, the tournaments create opportunities to win real cash prizes. These are multiplayer tournaments, and you can win money if you beat the other participants. It would be best to dominate the leaderboard to get the tournament bounty. Therefore, it is recommended to play practice games before partaking in the tournaments and events. You must be prepared to beat the multiple participants.

Furthermore, the earnings on this platform are legitimate because they provide skill-based games. So, you don’t have to worry about the legality.

  • You can instantly withdraw your earnings on the platform

Users can withdraw their winnings instantly via Apple Pay or PayPal on this platform. Then, you can transfer it to your bank account. There’s no need to wait to withdraw your earnings when playing on this platform.

Besides these, the platform offers exciting bonuses when you join or refer your friend. The MPL coins are used to play events or tournaments.

So, is your interest piqued? Go ahead and play a few games on this platform to genuinely understand why MPL stands apart from the rest.

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