Black Uber Driver becomes Data Scientist and starts Cryptocurrency Banq

Banq is an intentionally erroneous spelling of the word bank, but pronounced the same way. It is used and has been adopted by companies that are not banks but provide Financial Services using Blockchain Technology.

Meet Anade, he is a Former Uber and Lyft Driver! Now he is a Data Science Instructor, Financial Data Scientst and Founder of “CryptoShare”. 

His motivation for building an application was to help African Americans and Hispanics get access to low cost Financial Services around the World.
“Our biggest allies is actual Banks and Financial Service Providers. We know the Future of Money and Cross Border Payments is Blockchain Technology.” ~ Anade

The main Application his company has built is called “CryptoShare” . CryptoShare allows you to pay bills, shop, and borrow money using Cryptocurrency.

Cryptoshare launched on Feb 1, 2022. Currently the company is taking investors on Wefunder (currently over 400 investors and 125 Users)!
Cryptoshare has raised over $200,000 in Funding. In 2021, Anade and his company were awarded the Technology Innovator Award for 2021!

In March 2022, Cryptoshare was also name a Top 100 Startup in Florida (United States).

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