5 Fun Games To Play With Your Family

Many households have a tradition of organizing family fun nights. During these fun nights, family members spend quality time with each other by playing interesting games in the living room. 

Lately, these video games have become one of the best ways to bring the members closer and develop a deeper sense of connection. 

If you also want to organize similar family nights at your home as well, we have found the best games for you to play. Since all the recommended games are available online, you can start playing right away.

5 Fun Games To Play With Your Family

#1 Super Mario Party 

If one of your family members is a Nintendo gamer, you can play Super Mario Party. It has been a staple multiplayer game among video game players for decades. 

After the franchise added the Nintendo Switch, players have started enjoying this game even more as the addition lets them play Mario Party wherever they go. 

Considering the board designs and all-new features, it’s not wrong to say that Super Mario Party has taken the virtual board game to a different level. In fact, with its new board designs and interesting challenges, this game will be a sure-shot hit for your family game night.

What’s more? Well, if you want, you can decorate your home for the fun game night with interesting Super Mario Party decorations. 

#2 Jackbox Party Pack 

The super fun Jackbox Party Pack lets you and your family enjoy entertaining TV-based games. When playing this game, you can only win by having sharp wit and creativity. 

Jackbox Party Pack offers you to choose an interesting category of game mode from different options, including fun t-shirt slogan competitions to quirky fill-in-the-blank questions. 

Whether you want to play an interactive game with many people or a small group, Jackbox Party Pack is the right game to play. The players would have to use their tablet, smartphone, or other devices to get web browser access for this game. 

This game is a sure hit within the family as it offers endless possibilities of fun and togetherness. 

#3 Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is another fun game that you would love to play with your family members. This game is based around clay-like figures duking it out in a variety of locations. 

This fun game brings you closer to quirky and outright fights between cartoon characters. As a player, you are supposed to push other players out of the map. The last player standing on the map is the winner. 

What makes this simple game so fun is its movement system. The system is designed by keeping in mind the emphasis on ragdoll physics. It makes the game that much more wacky and interesting for families.

Gang Beast shows fun locations with hidden features and interesting characters that make the game a lot more unique. interesting. 

#4 Euchre

Euchre is a simple trick-taking card game where four players (two teams of two people each) take turns playing cards to win tricks. The partners in this game sit across and play their move wisely. 

The game is believed to have come to the U.S. in the 1800s by the German settlers in Pennsylvania. But some people think Euchre is a spin-off from Juckerspiel. To play traditional Euchre, 24 cards are needed where each player gets five cards. 

The game starts with the person on the dealer’s left, and then everyone follows suit. The person starting the round must lay a high, non-trump card. If everyone else also plays the cards of a similar suit, then the chances of winning the trick increase for the first person. 

The highest-ranking card is the Jack of trump in the game (called the “Right Bower”). The Jack of the same color but a different suit is said to be Left Bower and the second-highest card. 

 After this, the trump suit’s Ace, King, Queen, 10, and 9 cards are the next most valuable cards in the game. The cards in the suit of the same color as trump come next in ranking. 

#5 Super Smash Brothers Ultimate 

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is a legendary fighting game published by Nintendo. The game allows players to play as and take on a plethora of gaming characters. 

Everything about this game makes it different and ultimate. Whether it’s the maps, graphics, or music, everything offers an experience for the players to explore. Not to mention, this game can be quickly learned. 


We agree that finding a fun family video game can be overwhelming, but you can surely find the right game. Honestly, there are several game options that will surely be a hit in your house. 

And if you can’t find any better option, you can always play one of the five games to play with family online we have recommended here.

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