The 5 Steps You Need to Take if You’re Arrested

An arrest can be a terrifying experience for someone who has never been in trouble with the law before. When someone is arrested, it’s important for them to make the right choices immediately following the arrest to avoid added charges and to start working on their defense right away. The first step is always to get legal assistance.

Get a Lawyer to Help

 A lawyer is vital immediately after an arrest. The accused will want to have a lawyer to answer any questions from the police, so they don’t incriminate themselves. They’ll also want a lawyer to help request a lowered bail payment. Lawyers like those from will be able to help their client every step of the way through the criminal court process. The accused can request a lawyer as soon as they’re arrested.

Exercise the Right to Stay Silent

 Whether a lawyer’s on the way or the accused needs to wait to speak with their lawyer, it’s important they don’t say anything on their own. The accused should invoke their right to silence and make sure they do not inadvertently say something that could jeopardize their own case. It’s important to remember that there is nothing they say that can help at this point and anything they do say could be used against them when they’re in court.

Comply with Any Orders

 Anyone who is arrested should comply with all orders they’re given by the arresting officers. Any attempt to fight the arrest or to avoid complying with the orders can lead to other charges.

Instead, it’s best to follow the orders carefully to avoid further complicating the situation and to avoid any injuries during the arrest. Once they are arrested and arraigned, the accused can start fighting the charges through the legal system.

Post Bail to be Released

 After being booked into jail, the accused will go through an arraignment. This is where they find out the exact charges they’re facing. If they are required to pay bail, they will receive the bail amount during the arraignment. The accused can pay the bail in full to secure their release from jail, pending the outcome of their hearings. If they cannot afford the full bail amount, they can request a lower amount or obtain a bail bond. With a bail bond, the accused only has to pay a deposit and the bail bondsman will pay the full bail for them.

Follow the Advice of the Lawyer

 Once released on bail, it’s crucial the accused follows the advice of their lawyer.  A defense lawyer from firms such as Lawson Legal will know what the accused needs to do for a better chance at getting a good outcome for their case and will offer advice on accepting or declining a plea deal, whether or not the case should go to trial, and how the case should be handled to help the accused avoid serious penalties.  The lawyer may also have advice on how to act before or during the trial to help their client get a better outcome from the trial. All of the advice is intended to help the accused.

If you’ve been arrested, make sure you follow the steps here to help minimize the potential penalties you’re facing and to get started fighting your charges through the court system. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible after an arrest so you can start getting the help you need right away.