Have You Been Wronged by Your Company After Being Injured? Here are the 4 Steps You Need to Take

Workplace injuries can strike in any type of employment and can leave a person with serious injuries that cause them to be unable to perform their job duties. Although Worker’s Compensation Laws have been put into place, this does not always deter unscrupulous employers from attempting to find loopholes in the law. When you have been wronged by your company after an injury, there are some steps you must take.

Reform Is Needed

Worker’s Compensation laws went into effect over one-hundred years ago. Unfortunately, much reform is needed to ensure these laws are modernized to meet the unique needs of today’s workers. Many injured workers do not receive fair treatment after they report their injuries. For these workers, visiting WMLawyers.com is essential.

Many people refer to the Worker’s Compensation Laws as “The Great Bargain” because injured employees gave up their rights to sue their employer and employers gave up the right to blame their worker for their own injuries. Many feel federal oversight and reforms are needed to ensure workers are fully protected and receive the benefits they deserve.

4 Steps Injured Workers Must Take When Wronged After an Injury

Although laws have been put in place to protect injured workers, the protection is not always afforded to all. Low-wage workers in dangerous industries are often the most wronged by employers. If you are wronged after a serious workplace injury, holding your employer accountable is a must. The following are four essential steps you must take.

  1. Make sure your employer writes up an accident report and ask for a copy. It is your right to receive a copy of the report and it must be filed in a timely manner.
  2. Make note of your symptoms and every doctor’s appointment and medical treatment. The more detailed your evidence, the better the chances of holding the employer responsible.
  3. Keep your employer informed of all treatments and any stipulations put forth by your doctor. If the claim is denied, immediately start the appeals process and keep records of any communication or threats that may be given by the employer.
  4. Seek legal help as soon as possible. Although the laws prevent injured employees from suing their employers, hiring a lawyer can help in the pursuit of benefits, especially if the claim has been denied and is being appealed.

You Cannot Be Fired in Retaliation

Employers must provide a safe working environment that meets the demands of OSHA. When a worker is injured on the job, the employer must be held accountable. It is against the law for employers to harass, fire, or demote employees who report an injury on the job.

If an employer wrongs an injured employee, the employee may be able to file a claim against the employer. It is wise for injured workers to seek legal guidance through the process so they can be made aware of their rights and legal options.


Worker’s Compensation Laws were put into place to protect injured workers and ensure they receive the benefits they deserve. Employers are held to certain standards and must work with employees to provide them with the assistance they need in being able to return to their job.

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