Eurasian Resources Group Marks Fifth Anniversary in Luxembourg

The diversified natural resources group Eurasian Resources Group recently celebrated its fifth anniversary in Luxembourg. The gala event was a collaborative celebration of ERG’s time doing business in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the group’s 25-year history of operations in Kazakhstan, and the establishment of a new honorary consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel was present at the event and commented on the cementing of the positive relationship between the two countries that was being marked that day.

Representing Kazakhstan in Luxembourg

Alexander Machkevitch, who serves as the chairman of the board of directors at ERG, stated that the group was proud to be acting as a representative of Kazakhstan business in Luxembourg. Machkevitch stated that he believes the establishment of the new honorary consulate would cement the collaborative ties between the two countries even further.

Prime Minister Bettel agreed, stating that this new consulate would stand testament to the positive nature of the partnership already built up over the previous five years. The relationship that has been established between the two countries, stated Bettel, is founded on a basis of mutual respect and trust.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is a key focus of business at ERG and the group’s operations in Luxembourg reflect responsible business practices. A number of business development initiatives have been launched by ERG in Luxembourg over the previous five years, focusing not only on strengthening the leading position of the company in the international mining sector, but also on promoting innovative development throughout the industry and setting and maintaining the highest possible standards for business. ERG responsibly manages its impact on society, the environment and governance, utilising its leading position to implement industry-wide change for the better.

Sustainable development initiatives at ERG include spearheading campaigns to eradicate child labour practices across the mining industry, implementing affordable housing and healthcare programmes for employees and local communities, and providing wider access to necessary infrastructure and clean water.

ERG is also a co-founder of the Global Battery Alliance – with CEO Benedikt Sobotka acting as co-chair – and a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum. Sobotka commented on the positive effect the opening of the new Luxembourg consulate would have on cooperation between the two countries in pursuit of a more sustainable future.