These Are The Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Fear Ageing

At the time of writing, there has been no miracle wonder drug to completely halt the ageing process. Despite advances in cryogenic human freezing, there is still debate on its usefulness, and it’s out of the price range of many of us anyway. And years after Cher’s famous 80’s song, there is still no way to turn back time. Therefore, growing older is something you are going to have to put up with, even if you do get a facelift or lie about your age on your job application forms.

Still, you don’t have to fear the prospect too of ageing too much, despite the prospect of your eventual demise. These are some of the reasons why.

#1: People are living longer than ever before

According to reports by the World Health Organisation, there is now a greater chance of you living long past the age of 60 than there might have been decades ago. This is largely down to advances in medicine that can catch diseases early, and the increased information available to us to help us make informed choices in the way we live our lives. To ensure you live a long life then, you need to take care of yourself. By eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and attending regular health checks, your survivability rating will be higher than it otherwise might be.

#2: We can live at home for longer

A common fear among many is that we will have to move into a care home in the future. On the one hand, we shouldn’t fear this prospect at all, as with leading and award-winning care homes such as Porthaven, we might actually welcome this option rather than reject it. However, if living at your own property is your preferred choice, technology has caught up to make this prospect a reality. These include wearable technologies that can alert our families and medical services should we fall or become ill and smart home devices that are designed to make our everyday lives easier. We can, of course, adapt our homes too, so with stair lifts and increased railings around the home, for example, mobility can also become less of an issue.

#3: You can delay the signs of ageing

Are you worried about losing your cognitive functionality? Memory loss is a common sign of ageing, but the more you use your brain, the sharper your faculties will be. Make an effort to keep learning new things, eat the right foods to improve your brain health, and do the odd crossword puzzle or sudoku to alleviate the risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other memory-related diseases. Are you worried about losing your good looks? We all wrinkle as we age, but by making a few lifestyle changes, such as giving up smoking and getting your beauty sleep, you are less likely to weather the facial effects of ageing as you get older. In short, the onus is on you to take better care of yourself if you want to reduce these common ageing signs.


Many of us fear ageing, but it’s an inevitability that we do have to deal with. However, by considering the points we have raised in this article, we hope we have managed to allay some of the worries you may have had about the prospect. Let us know what you think, and if you have other reasons as to why ageing shouldn’t have to be the subject of dread and fear, be sure to share your wisdom with us.

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