Suburban Symphony release hard hitting single “Cutbacks” via The Animal Farm Music

Suburban Symphony have released their first offering since the success of their self-titled debut album in September 2017. The track is called “Cutbacks”, and lyrically coupled with the music video analysing societal issues in the UK; Suburban Symphony have released a wake-up call.

The video covers a range of UK social issues such as homelessness, food banks, corporate greed, knife crime, capitalism, and animal cruelty; some people would say it’s an accurate representation of the times we live in today.

While continually writing and performing a manic gigging schedule, in October 2019 the band decided to get back in the studio. This time they took a more productive approach and recorded three singles in a weekend with The Animal Farm Music (as opposed to a full album). The band agreed on a deal with the London company, and have finally released the first of the bunch with two more singles to be released in 2019.

Cutbacks are available to buy or stream now on all major digital platforms. The observational lyrics being of the current political landscape don’t hold much positivity but mixed with the key of D Major the song results in being an anthemic song for the people.

“We decided to release “Cutbacks” as the first single with the relevance of current events and an uncertain Brexit in the UK. I think we’re all sick of hearing about it and the constant propaganda, and it all helped me to write the lyrics in no time” – Tony Edwards (Lead singer)

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