Vaping Essentials: 5 Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Coils in Good Working Order

eCigarettes, also known as vape pens, are one of the leading preferred methods of nicotine delivery to date. These electronic devices act as a so-called healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes and can help smokers taper off their habit. Others vape for fun.

Due to their wide range of juice flavors, even non-nicotine smokers take advantage of vape pens as there are non-nicotine juice options available. However, even for those who have never used nicotine previously, they may be compelled to give vaping a go. In fact, among youth, vape pens have become the most popular tobacco product.

But unlike traditional cigarettes and the like, vape pens are electronic devices that require regular cleaning and maintenance. The coil of your pen is one of the things that must be well-maintained over the years. To keep your coils in working order, it’s important to keep in mind the following.

1. Clean your coils.

Just because your vape’s coil is in top-notch condition doesn’t mean it doesn’t need regular cleaning. Just like the filter of your air vent, coffee machine, or fish tank, the coil of your vape collects debris, only in the form of old juice.

Cleaning the coils of your vape pen is easy. Simply blow out the excess juice from your coil, rinse it under hot water, shake out the excess water and dry it with a paper towel, and then place your coil back into your pen.

2. Wait a while between hits.

Firing too much and too often can leave your coils dry. That said, it’s recommended that you wait approximately three to five seconds between hits. Your coil needs time to cool down and absorb more vape juice before it can vaporize again.

3. Never run your tank empty.

Running your vape tank empty may lead to dry fire. Your coil and wick rely on the moisture from your e-liquid when you use your pen, and one or both may burn out if you try to use your pen when you don’t have enough juice. Always make it a habit to refill your juice before it runs too low.

4. Regularly replace your coil.

When you start experiencing a burnt taste when using your e-cigarette, this means it’s time to replace your coil. How often you need to change your coil will partially depend on how often you use your pen. Coils can last up to about a month max. Others may have to replace their coil every five to eight days.

5. Break your new coil in.

Many new vapers make the mistakes of removing their old coil and simply screwing the new one on. It’s not this simple. You must also saturate the wick, take a few dry hits, and break in the new coil. Breaking in a new coil involves using your vape at a lower wattage while taking short hits, slowly increase the wattage and length of hits.

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Vapen pens are one of the biggest trends of the 21st century. However, unlike their non-electronic counterparts, vape pens must be maintained. Cleaning your coils, waiting between hits, never running your tank empty, replacing your coil regularly, and breaking in your new coil are ways to keep your coils in good working order.