Pretty in Pink – 2019 Gin trends

With a huge variety of flavours on offer to tempt shoppers, nothing is off limits within the spirit category and especially gin.

It is estimated that in 2018 British consumers spent a whopping £450m more on alcohol than they did the previous year with spirits taking the lions share of the new spend.

2018 spirit sales in the UK are valued at £11 billion – growing more than 7% on the previous year and it is spirits and especially gin that is in demand.

Drinkers interest in new products to buy continues to gain pace and consumers are very willing to try new flavours and are being quite adventurous. When entering a supermarket, bar or restaurant today’s consumers are looking to be inspired, rather than to be presented with a predetermined choice.

Craft spirits are in demand from consumers who look for interesting gin recipes and back stories. Flavour innovation in the premium gin category is winning over the consumer with many making repeat purchases of quality, premium spirits.

Flavoured spirits are now the go to choice and have really expanded in recent years. Consumers are looking for more variety as well as authentic and unique flavours.  Flavoured gin is making a big impact on sales and will continue to grow and show strong performance, still outperforming vodka. Whisky sales equally saw a positive growth in 2018, however, most of the sales increase in spirits is being fuelled by gin.

With five consecutive years of double digit growth gin is still the fastest growing category in total alcohol in the UK.

Retailers are also reporting strong sales in tourist districts, where spirits that represent a local story are selling through very strongly and gin leads in this category too. Although traditionally Scotland leads in alcohol spirit production you only have to take a look at the new burgeoning Welsh Gin market and its success in tourist retail outlets.

For 2019 the big story is flavoured gins and the pink gin is way out ahead. Consumers are demanding summer fruit flavours and tempting fruity  tastes with raspberry and wild berry flavours leading.

With the UK consumers purchasing over two thirds of the total EU gin production it is clear that flavour innovation is the focus and there are no signs of the British consumers thirsts for gin being quenched anytime soon.